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I'm enjoying Avadon a lot (too much, actually…not getting other things done). But it's a Spiderweb game: I've enjoyed them all.


One general suggestion, though. In the area descriptions, I often see a list of side quests that I never encounter in the game. I know this is because certain criteria haven't been met, but a list of what is necessary to initiate the quest would be helpful in case I want to try it. I'll often see something and think it would be fun to pursue, but don't know what I need to accomplish to win that quest.


Secondly, the exact location of who you report back to inform about the completion of the quest. Two days ago I finished the "Talk to Quenell" quest and was told to report to someone in Avadon (I forget the name). It took me well over an hour to find him in the second floor library. Something in the quest list in the journal like: "When you've talked to Quenell, report back to so-and-so in the second floor library in Avadon" would be most helpful.

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I think that your first idea would diminish the player's motivation to explore. You get more quests by going everywhere and talking to everyone. Also, such a list would inevitably give away part of the story.


Your second suggestions would be helpful. Sometimes I forget where someone is too. It helps to use the journal feature to record the quest-granting dialogue.

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To me you can be right about the first point, I was close to the end of the game when I realized I totally missed the quests in Zethron liar because I ignored the existence of a specifical character. On the other side it's fun to miss something here and there and I enjoy to ask here when in doubt or worse ;-)


PS example: in wretchen lands, fortress basement, there's a double gate just after the first double gate, that of the wolves, that won't open, even after I got the two keys from upstair... how is it? Thanks.

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