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  1. I'm enjoying Avadon a lot (too much, actually…not getting other things done). But it's a Spiderweb game: I've enjoyed them all. One general suggestion, though. In the area descriptions, I often see a list of side quests that I never encounter in the game. I know this is because certain criteria haven't been met, but a list of what is necessary to initiate the quest would be helpful in case I want to try it. I'll often see something and think it would be fun to pursue, but don't know what I need to accomplish to win that quest. Secondly, the exact location of who you report back to inform about the completion of the quest. Two days ago I finished the "Talk to Quenell" quest and was told to report to someone in Avadon (I forget the name). It took me well over an hour to find him in the second floor library. Something in the quest list in the journal like: "When you've talked to Quenell, report back to so-and-so in the second floor library in Avadon" would be most helpful.
  2. It took multiple attempts for me to get through here. I usually went in with a group of rothgroths. I dedicated one to engage Footracer outside while the others took care of the fyoras. I kept the PC in the back out of harm's way and buffed the hell out of them. When they were ready, I sent all but the one into the house. My goal each time was to simply pick off ONE of Footracer's assistants. I kept at that until all the assistants were gone and she had only the fyoras, which aren't too much of a problem as long as you keep picking them off as she creates them. Every time I went in, there was always the one rothgroth on her. As long as a creature was right up next to her, she never showed a tendency to go fight anywhere else. Once all the assistants were gone, and only then, I came in with my PC and destroyed the machine. At that point I closed with all of my rothgroths and she was history.
  3. How do you defeat these guys? I'm playing a Shaper character and can't kill these guys. I have even cheated using the shields up cheat and the healmenow cheat. But they swarm me and kill me in one turn so I never even have the chance to use the heal cheat. I've tried a variety of creations, but even with the shields up cheat, they get killed in one turn. And I can't seem to isolate one servile. The minute they turn hostile, they all seem to swarm in, plus they all seem to get 2 attacks each. So how to you go after these guys?
  4. I'm trying to do this quest. In the hint book it says there is a ladder at "D" on World Map #1. I go to the right place but there is no ladder, nothing to click on, etc. to move this forward. What am I missing?
  5. Okay, this is dumb...I'm going crazy. I got the 'trim the bushes' quest from Maxfield in Mertis. I finished the quest but now I can't find him again to get the reward. And since he's the recipient of the icy geodes and their quest, I can't get that payoff either. I've been around and around Mertis trying to figure out where I found him the first time, but I can't find him anywhere. Can anyone tell me exactly where he's located?
  6. I just completed the 'destroy demon' quest in the Tower of Magi. Kelner gave me a key and said to go upstairs to learn the dispel barrier spell. When I read the book behind the now unlocked door, I was given the 'bolt of fire' spell. I still don't have a dispel barrier spell. What gives?
  7. Thanks for the help. That cleared up the problem. I appreciate the time you took to look up that previous thread.
  8. I'm stuck on the Isle of Spears. I've been playing a pro-rebel game. Iss-Ta won't help me until I help Vrabel. Vrabel tells me to kill Orois Blaze. I did that be the dialogue with Vrabel doesn't seem to recognize that the task has been accomplished. It just gives me the same 'Kill Orois Blaze' mission. Bug?
  9. There's a door in Kyra's Retreat that won't open for me. It's southeast of the room with the book that summons the shades. Any hints for me? Or better, just tell me!
  10. Is there a secret to surviving the advanced training ground stuff on the first island? I've played all the quests, killed all the beasts on the first island. I've gotten the empty bracelet from the second room inside the complex. But when I go to the room to the north and step on the rune, this stone beast appears and completly clobbers me and all my characters. And it's not like I even come close to killing him. My hits do little damage and all he requires is one hit to kill anyone he wishes.
  11. Was just curious if anyone is working on (or planning on working on) a full, detailed game editor like was available for GF 1 & 2. I'm talking the kind of thing where you can bump individual stats by a single point, raise levels of spells, give items, etc. I enjoy playing with that type of capability (ok...so I admit it...I cheat!!!) It's nice to be able, when facing a tough situation, to 'toughen up' your character without waiting hours of gameplay time for your character to get there on his own. Anyway, such a thing would be much appreciated by me. Since I know nothing of writing scripts, the data files,etc., producing it myself is WAY beyond my capabilities.
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