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How to use Scarabs?


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I'm probably missing something simple, but I can't see where I can use scarab abilities such as "Spine shield for 3 turns" or "Battle frenzy for 5 turns" etc.


The instructions very briefly allude to the fact that you can activate these abilities in the abilities dialog window.


But none of these abilities appear in my abilities dialog window (I've checked my character with and without the scarabs, and nothing changes).


On another note, whenever my sorceress character casts Daze, nothing happens - no indication of whether the targets resisted or were affected. Even very low level targets are never affected.


Thanks in advance.

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The scarabs need to be equipped while on the main level of Avadon in one of the 4 scarab slots in inventory mode under the character picture. When you use the ability window they appear as the bottom row of abilities, u through x.


Daze acts on the enemies nearest the caster and they have a chance to resist. Dazed monsters should have a slight change in color and when you move the cursor over them you can see their status.


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