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Most excellent nomination.


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There is a certain charm, though, about The First One in most series. The Original, before it got all the New and Improved Super Souped-Up Stuff added to it. ^_^ Although, in Exile, said New Stuff is done quite well. I like the whole day thing and stuff being determined by time, as well as the click-on-stuff talking method and the courier jobs. But certain stuff comes pretty early in the game. In A/E 3, you can meet Erika without having to register, that's how early she comes into it. (Not that I'm complaining or anything. *grins happily*) And you can get the Orb of Thralni without registering. At least, in A3 you can. I don't think I've ever gotten that far in E3. ^^;

*looks at all the repetitions of the word "stuff"* Er... that was... intentional. It was anaphora! ^^;;;

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That has nothing to do with registration and everything to do with a new version released after E3 was made. Jeff decided to stick all the later E3 graphics in the earlier games. Sure, it makes them pretty, but Exile just isn't the same.


—Alorael, who was shocked and apalled the first time he found that AP magically appeared in E1. If you're moving more than one space per turn, something is very wrong.

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