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Blade of Exile is not working.


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I'm a little confused here, is the problem solved (if there was any to start with) ?

So far, the last version of Classic BoE has been successfully tested on Win XP and Vista (no 7 here, but it should run fine. If anyone tested it and feels like confirming this smile )


Originally Posted By: Ishad Nha
If someone comes from France are they using the English version of Windows?

More likely to use a French (localized) version but the game would run fine nonetheless. The only "problem" that can be encountered is a different keyboard layout (for example getting the Burma Shave message is more esoteric than simply hitting adjacents keys), but one can easily switch to the english (default) layout, so there's no problem with non-english (european, don't know about japanese/chinese/korean/... keyboards smile ) version of Windows.



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