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  1. excuse me, I did not understand what you mean
  2. Hello, I'd like to know how to use an editor for Geneforge 4 and the other. I change things in the editor, but I see no changes in the game!
  3. What a pity! Thank you anyway!
  4. And for Geneforge 4, there is a code for creations?
  5. But is that there is a code to get all the creation?
  6. How can there be creation have strong (Glaak or kyshakk for example ) in the demo? (Even the code, I accept all the code to the creation or idea) Thank you in advance
  7. You can also use the code rechargeme to regain 200 essence and magic
  8. Sorry i wanted to make a reply but i have to express a topic.
  9. I dont not understand the configuration of the system because i am French and the translator without the computer i can not understand.
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