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The drake is southwest from Greendale. Fly across the river to the south so that you're on a spit of land between the two parts of the river and look around.


The tunnel is ugly unless you have bought permission to use it from the guild leader hiding in Kendra's shop in Lorelei. Whether you have to hack and slash your way through or not, remember to press the button in the desk so that the bridge becomes real. I also recall a secret passage to get around it, but I'm not positive.


—Alorael, who believes that the tunnel doesn't do you much good until you have defeated either the slimes or the roaches and either the troglos and giants or the golems. If you haven't, Blackcrag is pretty much useless.

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From one of the walkthroughs linked to in the forum's header:


"You'll emerge at a room containing a Doomguard. You must attack it... but here's the catch: you have to kill one Doomguard to open the portcullis. Position all your PCs next to the gate, then kill one Doomguard. Ignore the ones that split off. Exit fight mode, then run straight for the portcullis and through the tunnel to the stairs. Take them, and you'll be in Blackcrag Fortress."

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There's an option in the character editor that says, "Open Guarded Tunnel Doomguard Gate." You may wish to use this. Back up your save file, of course.


For the golems, you need to enter the Tower of Shifting Floors. Have fun. :p


If you need help, there's a walkthough here . That dungeon is hard, from what I understand.


EDIT: Well, whatever. The link is in the forum's header, too.

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Below "Remove Bad Conditions" is "Open Guarded Tunnel Doomguard Gate" for me. I've got v1.0.2, and I'm pretty sure it was there in v1.0.0.


—Alorael, who has no explanation for why your editor wouldn't have that option. Try downloading the latest version of E3 and hope it contains a functional editor?

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