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  1. The computer that I have Exile on doesn't have the internet on it.
  2. Bottom of "Free Extras" is "Remove Bad Conditions" I looked everywhere in the editor and still having no luck.
  3. Now I can't find the open guarded tunnel thing in the editor.
  4. Thanks for all that. And that walkthrough didn't work on my computer.
  5. That's why I'm having so much trouble. There's no doomguards in the room. Is there a way to fix that. I found the drake, and got now having trouble finding the tunnel to the north golen spire.
  6. Can you help me with that I had trouble with it.
  7. I got the permission and beat up the slimes, roaches and troglos/giants and pressed the button and the gate isn't opening.
  8. I flew up to some wizard guy SE of Tevrono and he told me to kill some drake in some mountains near Greendale. I looked and it isn't there. Also I tried going through the Guild's tunnel to Blackcrag as well and that isn't working either. Help.
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