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Yea for BoE!


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Still my favorite game ever - makes me happy and nostalgic that folks are still playing and designing. I spent many, many, many hours on my scenarios, all completely worth it.


Noticed that my scenario pages are gone, I still have all of the walkthroughs, tutorials, and whatever else was on there. Email me at cjrisberg (at) yahoo dot com if you are interested and I'll send it to you. If there's an archive somewhere for this sort of stuff, please feel free to put it all there if you want as well.



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I'm sure Jewels at http://www.truesite4blades.com/ would love to have your walkthroughs. As for the tutorials and other stuff, where it should go probably depends on what they are, but at any rate we'd be glad to have them.


I've never actually played your scenarios, although they're definitely on my list to play after I've finished the Exile trilogy.


Anyway, welcome back!

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Nice job releasing 4 scenarios Bain! I remember hearing about many scenarios that never got finished (my own Eternity for one), so that's quite an accomplishment.


I did play Tomorrow and Roots, but those were some of the last I played. Didn't try Areni or NTH - never bought BoA for that matter either. OBoE sounds cool.


But I don't see myself playing again, just have some extra time this weekend, and checking out old haunts.


EDIT: Bain, I have to mention that I had a great time reading through the walkthrough on Truesite that you wrote for SotS. I'd forgotten half of the stuff that I had crammed into that scenario, but it made me want to play it again. Thanks for putting that together!

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Wow! Drizzt is back! Nice to have you back. I really did like SotS.


I'm not sure if you remember me but I was in the community for a while (about a couple years or so) and I've designed five scenarios myself. I don't think you ever played them. Well, only two of them are really worth playing though.


Hope to see you around though! It's a joy!

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