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  1. The easiest way to be motivated enough to bother to learn is to download and look through my unfinished scenario. It's full of notes that will help make you understand the hardest and most grating parts of scenario development (SDFs and special nodes)
  2. I sent Harehunter this scenario to test it but it went nowhere as I didn't reply back as I was too too exhausted to finish this scenario and I don't plan to finish it. So I'm releasing it for the public. It's full of complicated SDFs so you can use this scenario to help learn how to make SDFs yourself. This scenario is kind of like remaking the gameplay the best I can put it but explore it yourself and see all the new things I crammed into it. If you're interested in it you can work on it and finish it for me if you'd like. There's a text file with requests pertaining to finishing it. It can be a whole community project if you'd like. Road to Old Days
  3. I have a node that makes heavy use of the Random Number? node. Basically, the node goes through 8 Random Number? nodes. Each random number node has a chance of either going to another random number down the string or goes to another node that would break the string. I've made all the nodes, but every Random Number is has a 50% chance of going to either a another Random Number node or to a different one. What I want is to have every random number node have an equal chance of activating. What chance of activation to go to another Random Number? node would I need for each node would I need to give them all an equal chance of activating?
  4. I've finally decided to wrap up a scenario that's been long due for years. I wanted to add some more things, but I'm going to do and finish what I've planned so far. I would have to say the scenario is 70% complete, and beta will be at most this month.
  5. Ah, I'd like to make a request if you're up for it. I have a couple of future scenarios planned out, the latter seems to be not very likely, but I want tiles of houses on grass. Any kind of house, I want a bunch of variety of houses. I'd appreciate if you would make them.
  6. It's really great to have an active graphicker! I'd like to request something but I don't know what...
  7. BoE has a lot of issues running under Windows 8 and so I'd like to debug. But... I don't know how to debug at all and the suggestion I've been given is too complicated for me. Does anyone know how I would be able to debug it?
  8. Sorry it took a while! I switched to a Windows 8 computer and the problem is even worse! The sounds slow things even more down and there are sporadic crashes while playing. Here's an infodump: http://pastebin.com/WUrSKSnh
  9. Sylae they actually are spiral stairs... as in they have the graphic. Ah well it looks like I have to move a couple of stairways.
  10. I placed some stairways in Town 9 that moves you into Town 10. The stairways that go back up to Town 9 are placed on the same x and y position as the ones that go down to Town 10. Some of them work properly, but two of them has a problem where if you go back up you go down right away. The node chain for these stairways as are follows: Looking Block -> Combat Block -> Display Dialogue -> Forced Stairway I have a stairway in Town 9 at 13,22 that puts your party at 12,22 in Town 10, and that town contains the stairway with the exact same coordinates and destination that leads you back up to Town 9. I have a similar stairway at 19,22 in Town 9 that places your party at 20,22 at Town 10 and visa versa. There are two more stairways that have an issue. I have a stairway at 13,16 and another at 19,16 in Town 9 that place your party respectively at 12,16 and 20,16 in Town 10. However, when I use the stairways in Town 10 that have the same coordinates and destinations as those two they go up, and then go back down, and then tries to go back up but says Can't Change Level. Does anyone know what could cause that problem?
  11. Ah, that's quite a lot and I don't think I have time to check them all but I'll try some out. Thank you for the feedback.
  12. I need inspiration for a scenario I'm remaking. Does anyone know a scenario with big dungeons with even a lot of puzzles if there is any? Preferably research stations, especially abandoned ones.
  13. Ah sorry I haven't replied in a while. I'm actually using Windows 7, however I'm using it on a very old laptop so the oldness might be the main factor.
  14. A simple scenario that is unfortunately very dull. I felt like I was pushed around the scenario way too quickly, and the combat was unimaginative hack and slash. I do greatly approve of making use of pictures though. SUBSTANDARD
  15. The specific problem, is that there is a huge delay when a sound is played. Meaning if a sound is played the game is paused for around a few seconds which is pretty slow to me! I tried to download the latest version, but the problem is still there, and the pauses seem to be getting longer each time I play it.
  16. I'm currently remaking an unfinished scenario of mine.
  17. It's from here [media] [/media] Kind of hilarious of how massive a coincidence it was to find it playing in the background of a longplay of Dunes for the Amiga. I just wanted to point it out cause of how enamored I was by the theme when I played it on my Mac as a little kid.
  18. I feel the story of this scenario is underrated. It's a great and humorous way to depict religion ridiculously. The three parts I like most about the scenario is: 1. Making every reference to GOD capitalized. 2. How Sigmund betrays the King (who follows GOD) and kill GOD's creations because the people are following the king and not GOD directly. 3. The last part of the scenario where an elegant fairy tale is woven and topped with an old wise elder standing at the summit, and then making the depictedly wise and calm Oathkeeper completely lose his [censored] by Siegried completely breaking the long and archaic tradition with his astounding veneration of the great LORD himself. Combat is eh. I rate this great propaganda of GOD a [rating]GOOD[/rating].
  19. One thing I like about Terror Martyr's work is that they have some sort of interesting novelty to it; this is one of those examples. The furniture and flora sprouting from the ground is fun, controlling the child is a good work of scripts, but the surreal nature can be a mixed bag to some but I like it for being unique. There isn't much else to it. So [rating]AVERAGE[/rating] be it.
  20. I'm replaying Blades of Avernum and will be playing almost every scenario (Expect a ton of reviews to come up!) One thing that comes to mind and beckons, is that looking back so many of the scenarios happen to be so beautiful to me. I think there is a certain kind of visual style to the terrain that makes it look incredibly appealing (even more than Blades of Exile and I have a huge bias towards 2D sprites) and the scenarios seem to be very condensed (which I think is a carryover of a preference people seem to have developed during the late days of Blades of Exile) which I think evokes some kind of warm feeling. I just wanted to express that I guess.
  21. Man, what a depressing scenario! It doesn't matter whose side you take, because Genmar loses out in the end. The philosophy of this scenario focuses on the foresight of choice and consequences; "Would it have been better if I picked the other choice?". Myself, I ask whether it was worth selling your soul to a devilish Dragon whose being has corrupted most of the Sliths that worship him. Combat is pretty boring though and there's too much of it (I guess this is because BoE's combat system has aged horribly) and the towns aren't pretty impressive. I still recommend this to those who like Alcritas's works. Good.
  22. Do you guys remember the rule of thumb that things will take longer to complete than you think? Yeah...
  23. Oh, Christ!! I took a break from developing and accidentally fell asleep! Looks like it'll be submitted a bit late. (I'm aiming for tomorrow) The good news is that I got some work done. I estimate it to be 88% finished.
  24. Expect to receive my scenario at 12:59 AM.
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