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HLPM bug


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Not a bug. You get 1000 gold to spend per experience level you gain, delivered in shots of no more than 30000 gold at a time. If Kel wanted you to have infinite money, he'd have just put the items in chests instead of making you shop for 'em. tongue


(Frankly, though, since there are no scenarios out there that reasonably require a level-75 party, you may as well just make a god party. Those get infinite money -- not that they need to buy anything.)


My advice is to be careful with the spells you buy; it's easy to waste a whole bunch of money on high levels of spells you'll never use.

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ya but the annoying thing is when you make a really high-leveled party and you can't afford all the spells for your mage and preist (for example a level 10 arcane blow costs like 21,000). What you (or me in this case) end up doing is have ing to save and exit and go to hte charector editor. But then the charector editor only gives u 30,000 at at time. SO you end up going back and forth and back and forth.

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Well, tough luck. You probably can't buy all the spells that are for sale in DwtD at their maximum levels either. There's such a thing as budgeting.


Having said that, the amount by which spells increase in cost with each level does get kinda ridiculous at some point, but that's a BoA issue, not a HLPM issue.

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