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some questions about E3


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I haven't yet registered the game, but I think I will soon. It's been years since I've played and replayed the demo and I finally want to get the whole thing. Here are my questions.


1. Is there an actual quest in Storm Port to kill the undead? If there is I don't know what to say to the mayor to make him give it to me.


2. Another quest involving undead--the one for Marish--sounds interesting too. Which undead quest is harder: Storm Port or Marish? My party ranges from level 12 to level 18 and they just finished the roaches (and the slimes before that) with zero problems.


3. Are there any spells that you get later in the game but by the time you get them don't matter that much? I felt that way about getting summon beast and conflagration. I'm thinking mostly of spells like Mindduel and Antimagic Cloud. In E2 it was possible to get these spells pretty soon mid-game (after coming back from Vahnatai lands) but in E3 it seems to me from what I've heard that these spells are only accessible in the latter portion of the game. These 2 spells were my most powerful in E2; but by the time you get them in E3, do they really help as much as they did in E2?

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I'd say Mindduel and Antimagic cloud could help at pretty much any time. They are pretty good spells against any kind of magic user, though I have to admit I've never used Mindduel (but maybe that's because I haven't yet gotten out of the demo section or, in BoE, played any high-level scenarios).

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Both undead quests are hard for different reasons. The Mayor of Storm Port doesn't give a reward.


Don't do the Storm Port undead until you have dispel barrier spell. I don't know if you can do it with piercing crystals.


The Yale undead plague involves a cave dungeon with some really nasty monsters at the end. Be prepared for a major fight.


It helps to have plenty of arrows of life.

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