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Northern Isles Game 4


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Thank you everyone for agreeing to play and watch. Here are the ground rules. Only the moderator (me) and people who are playing the game and are alive may post here. Anything else will be instantly deleted.


The current living players are:



Ash Lael




Doom Warrior









Wz As



Some ground rules:


1) If you are playing PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES. They have been updated since the last game.

2) Private communication is allowed.

3) Submit your actions to me by way of PM in the thread I started with you. If I cannot figure out what you want to do, I'll simply ignore it, so try to be clear.

4) Actions will be processed in the order they were received when I get around to them. Read the rules for how often you can submit and any other exceptions.

5) Please posts all rules questions in your PM with me or in the rules topics.

6) If you are not playing or dead, please do not influence the game. You may look, but not touch.


Otherwise, the game begins:


Monday, April 13 at 10 PM EDT


No action submissions will be accepted before that. A few people tried to submit some things, and those posts will be ignored. In other words, submit again after the game starts. I'm doing this not to be a jerk, but to make sure everyone gets a fair chance at getting their post in. I'm sorry if you are busy at the start time, but it is impossible choose a start time that works for everyone.


Also, if you have not done so already, reply to my PM topic with you as soon as you can. If you do not within 24 hours of me sending it to you, you may be replaced.


Just a reminder, no actions that kill anyone will be processed until:


Tuesday, April 14 at 10 PM EDT


Also, the game will end at the latest on:


Monday, April 20 at 10 PM EDT

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You may start strategizing now. You may not submit any actions until I officially start the game. If you do, I will simply ignore them. If I happen to be in a helpful mood, I might even tell you that you need to submit it again. smile


I got a couple questions on the known enemy lists. Hopefully this will clear what those imply.


The most important thing to realize is the known enemy lists are hypothetical tool to help out players. They are based solely on comparing victory conditions, and should not be taken to imply that said roles exist in the game.


While anyone on your list is definitely your enemy, the list is not necessarily complete. A few roles (such as the Darkside Loyalists) have hidden targets. If you are a target for one of the roles, you will appear on their list, but that person not on yours. If it were, there would be no point to secret targets. Further, people on your enemy list do not necessarily need to be killed (or to kill you) to achieve your victory condition. They are assembled quite broadly to keep as many options open to victory as possible.


When someone makes an attack, I use the actual enemy list, which is secret to everyone except me, to decide the battle flow. This may or may not match your known enemy list.


Also, another point about enemies relates to artifacts. If someone currently has an artifact you need as part of your victory condition, you are enemies. You have motive to kill them to get the artifact, and they have motive to kill you first to prevent you from getting it. To clarify, someone simply having need for a similar artifact does not automatically make you enemies. The person must actually possess it.

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Public Service Announcement: A few people still have not gotten back to me. If you do not respond within the next few hours, I will replace you. It is not fair to all of the other people who agreed to participate.


Otherwise, best of luck to everyone.


Round 4 begins! smile

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The game is over! Marlenny has been killed. All survivors have won. Congratulations to our winners:


ANDRASTE (Sacred Item Cultist)

BAIN-IHRNO (Darkside Blademaster)

CREATOR (Machrone)

DIKIYOBA (Alchemist)

IMBAN (Gladwell)


Thank you to all of our players. The roles were:


Andreaste: Sacred Item Cultist

Ash Lael: Domont

Bain-Ihrno:: Darkside Blademaster

Creator: Machrone

Dikiyoba: Alchemist

Doom Warrior: Empire Spy

Excalibur: Micklebur

Imban: Gladwell

Nioca: Necromancer

PGLB: Dionicio

RCCCL: Shanker

Sarachim: Anama Priest

Sporefrog: Nephil Activist

Marlenny: Bound Servant

Wz As: Darkside Mage

Xelgion: Skribbane Addict


The log:


Day 1


Anama Priest uses Crystal Spire, finds identity of Bound Servant

Micklebur learns Shanker is a magic user

Machrone gives Domont Rod of Alacrity

Dionicio learns identity of Micklebur

Alchemist brews Knowledge Brew

Alchemist drinks Knowledge Brew learns identity of Sacred Item Cultist

Sacred Item Cultist learns Fury Crossbow is in possession of Shanker

Domont uses Rod of Alacrity

Domont sends keyword "newbies" to Darkside Blademaster

Domont sends keyword "newbies" to Darkside Mage

Machrone learns a random role: Skirbbane Addict

Empire Spy learns Bound Servant is from Avernum

Skribbane Addict finds Ivory Skull

Darkside Mage equips Assassin Leather

Machrone joins Gladwell

Skribbane Addict does not detect any Skribbane on the Anama Priest

Shanker finds an Antidote

Nephil Activist trades Holy Symbol with Sacred Item Cultist for Warding Crystal

Necromancer drinks Resistance Elixir

Nephil Activist uses Warding Crystal

Darkside Mage finds Skribbane


Day 2


Micklebur attacks Shanker, but neither can harm the other

Anama Priest uses Crystal Spire, learns identity of Empire Spy

Micklebur gives Anama Priest the Weapon Poison

Anama Priest tries to kill Shanker with poison, but he uses an antidote

Anama Priest gets Fury Crossbow in the battle

Sacred Item Cultist sees Anama Priest being suspicious

Dionicio kills Domont, gets Clover Boots

Machrone sees Dionicio being suspicious

Gladwell finds Resistance Elixir

Alchemist makes Knowledge Brew

Gladwell compels Bound Servant

Bound Servant kills Shanker with Flaming Sword

Alchemist drinks Knowledge Brew, learns identity of Necromancer

Necromancer absorbs the spirit of Shanker, gains her ability

Darkside Mage gives Empire Spy Skribbane

Empire Spy joins Gladwell

Sacred Item Cultist learns Anama Priest has Fury Crossbow

Nephil Activist kills Anama Priest, gets Fury Crossbow and Crystal Spire

Bound Servant gives Empire Spy the Flaming Sword

Darkside Mage kills Empire Spy with poison, but he uses an antidote

Darkside Mage gets Skribbane and the Flaming Sword

Empire Spy kills Darkside Mage, gets Skribbane, Flaming Sword, and Assassin Leather

Darkside Blademaster kills Dionico, gets Wand of Death and Clover Boots

Nephil Activist gives Sacred Item Cultist the Fury Crossbow

Nephil Activist gives Micklebur the Crystal Spire

Micklebur gives Crystal Spire to Necromancer

Gladwell gives Disruption Crystal to Machrone

Machrone uses Disruption Crystal on Nephil Activist

Nephil Activist finds Skribbane

Necromancer finds Heroic Brew


Day 3


Micklebur kills Necromancer who drinks heroic brew, gets Crystal Spire

Empire Spy sees Micklebur being suspicious

Micklebur uses Crystal Spire, learns identity of Dionicio

Gladwell changes his immunity to physical

Sacred Item Cultist kills Micklebur with Fury Crossbow, gets Crystal Spire

Alchemist gives Bound Servant Skribbane

Bound Servant kills Nephil Activitst, gets Skribbane

Alchemist brews Weapon Poison

Alchemist gives Weapon Poison to Machrone

Skribbane Addict gives Vulnerability Scroll to Gladwell

Bound Servant gives Machrone Skribbane

Bound Servant gives Skribbane to Skribbane Addict

Skribbane Addict uses Skribbane, goes Berserk

Gladwell gives Machrone Vulnerability Scroll


Day 4


Machrone uses Vulnerability Scroll on Darkside Blademaster

Darkside Blademaster uses Box of Traps on Darkside Blademaster

Skribbane Addict joins Gladwell

Gladwell compels Xelgion to use Skribbane and attack Darkside Blademaster

Skribbane Addict attacks Darkside Blademaster, but gets killed by traps


Day 5


Darkside Blademaster kills Bound Servant with Flaming Sword

Game Over


Thank you again everyone for playing! smile

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