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E2: Garzahd


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Proposition. Garzahd is a rubbish wizard.


Proof. Suppose, in order to obtain a contradiction, that Garzahd is a really a great wizard. Then he wouldn't be scared of a bunch of adventurers. So he wouldn't need to hide away in the far corner of his fort. And he wouldn't need to create impassable runes to prevent moving around his own fortress. And he wouldn't need to create a massive barrier outside the fort to stop people from entering. And he wouldn't need to conceal the coordinates of his fort. Nonetheless, Garzahd does all these things. Furthermore, if he had any intelligence whatsoever, Garzahd would simply cast three kill spells on anyone wearing a ring of will - thus neutralising any potential threat. Yet he doesn't. To sum up then, Garzahd's behaviour is inconsistent with being a great wizard. He's actually a bit of a wimp, and relies on his summoned demons to defend him. Thus is demonstrated the desired contradiction. QED


Next week: Erika is less of an arch-enchantress than a sub-mumbler.

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However, the entire game relies on you being able to beat him, and anyone who failed would just reload and try again, so there's not much point making him too difficult to beat.

And re the runes etc... maybe he just couldn't be bothered with fighting all the millions of adventurers, giant lizards and anything else that would just wander in if the defences weren't there.

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Garzahd specialises in defensive magic. Holing himself up in a fort full of protective runes is pretty much his schtick.


Garzahd would simply cast three kill spells on anyone wearing a ring of will - thus neutralising any potential threat. Yet he doesn't.
Don't blame G-dawg for the fact that the enemy AI sucks. :p


(Seriously, though, since a well-equipped party is quite capable of keeping itself continuously invulnerable for as long as it takes Garzahd to run himself out of spell points, even blasting the party relentlessly wouldn't be all that helpful. Makes you wonder why Garzahd didn't carry around a few energy potions of his own.)

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To be fair, Mindduel is presented as an exceptionally rare ability with exceptionally strenuous requirements, and I'm pretty sure there isn't but one Ring of Will in the game.


It's not as if any competent mage can just walk up and mindduel the guy; for one, he's got exceptionally powerful defenses and is one of the better mages around. And for another, the basic impression the game gives is that by achieving a level of skill at which you can defeat Garzahd in a mindduel, you have attained a feat unmatched by any other mage. Sure, they've probably got more overall magical competence than you, but not in minddueling.


Me, I took Garzahd down with mass Wound, which poses an entirely different set of problems. It could just be that your god(s) can beat up his god(s), and that is that.

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