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Different Exile Graphics

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I don't know whether this has been mentioned before, but anyway...


The very first time i found out about Exile was off a old Mac demo disc many years back, which had the unregistered versions of Exile 1 and 2 on it.


However, when i downloaded Exile for my Windows computer, i noticed that all the graphics were much different from the ones on my Mac. The Mac ones seemed more 'cartoony', yet they seemed clearer and more appropriate, in a word 'better' than the ones currently avaliable for Windows download.


Is this because of a difference in the operating system, or was it an older version of Exile?

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Yippee! More graphics. smile


I disagree that they're better though. The cartoony feel is good at times but the level of detail is greatly decreased and the sliths just look plain bad. (of course, it's hard to make a good slith in the first place) I prefer a minimal shading and depth in graphics. The ogre imo is really good.


Was there no standing/attacking stance difference?

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