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  1. The sound design in Avernum 3 is my favourite in any game, so I'm curious as to where the sound effects come from. I've searched on my own, to no avail. I have heard the cave dripping sound effect in a lot of things outside Avernum, so I'm guessing it's a royalty-free sound effect. I'm also guessing that a limited library (such as a sound effects disc) was used for the original Avernum trilogy because of how unusual some of the sound effect choices were. Particularly the lightning spell. But finding an old sound effects library would be nearly impossible unless you knew were to look. Search results when you look up anything sound-effects related are flooded with random junk because of the all-too-vast number of amateur sound effect producers.
  2. I once encountered a basilisk while she was nearby. It didn't end well.
  3. Here you go. Don't forget to check out abilities! I did the weardowns without killing, so it's the full final force. Have fun.
  4. Alright, I'll just put the level really high. And unless it's an event when improbable conditions are met, Grah-Hoth is never present in the meltdown. I did the meltdown pretty recently, and looted searched the whole tower.
  5. I meant inserted into the spreadsheet. But I've figured out how to understand what the spreadsheet means, I was confused by the fact that stats I thought vital, such as endurance and dexterity, were not defined. Are undefined stats based on level, and can all of them be overridden? Also, why is Grah-Hoth there as a level 19?
  6. It's a good idea to give all your characters at least level 1 priest spells. Level 3 War Blessing on all your characters in only one turn is a really good way to start a fight.
  7. Since the first byte is never used for creature stat levels, could it be used to insert the name of the stat? I'm still extremely confused about what's what.
  8. Offsets? Is this hex viewing, or something else?
  9. My torment-difficulty one-character game has gotten far too easy, it turns out that using only one character just means that all the best items and knowledge brew get funnelled into that one character. Obviously, the only sensible thing to do by nonsensical logic is to edit the very scenario of Avernum 3 itself, and make it insanely difficult. I want to have more than one, perhaps a dozen of the ridiculously OP ~600-melee-damage-a-turn Prototype Demon Golems, make Prototype Doom Guards a thing; make the Alien Slime take forever to kill and have assisting slime pools (And also have slimes things that you can't just one-hit kill with level 1 ice lances); make Alien Beasts come in vast swarms; you get the idea. I just can't do anything to the scenario or scripts of Avernum 3 though, beyond opening it as hex code which is completely useless to me as all that is not garble is dialogue. Blades of Avernum doesn't recognse the .dat files also. Anyone know what to do?
  10. I think all of them. Well, at least 2 of them. And it was fine, all I had to do was a quick character edit.
  11. Links to the page that allegedly allows you to create an account simply takes you to a login page, which in no way offers account creation. If account creation is broken right now, someone with an account edit this page stating that the reason the first party split up is because it was too large for exploration as a group, according to Tucker in A3.
  12. Erika Redmark Just putting this here so she actually comes up when someone does an image search.
  13. Erika would probably be one of the best to add, she has the most definite personality and identity. Although we need better fanart...
  14. UPDATE: I think I broke something. A third of the way through the next level, freshly encountered Abyssal Slimes stopped splitting. And then when I went upstairs...
  15. If healing touch can only be used on yourself, then shouldn't it be "Healing touch yourself"?

  16. I hope the A3 remake is 3D, because A3 loses so much awe to the fact that what it describes is hard to show in any 2D engine. I'd be so totally in with model making if it was.
  17. I love how perfectly that combines with your signature.
  18. Alright, I've managed to create the threadlike ceiling fungus. Getting the lighting correct for everything around it though is going to be a huge pain however...
  19. I'm trying to do some 3D art of an Avernum cave, but the lighting is tricky due to the fact that all I have to go by for canonical apperance is Encyclopedia Ermariana, which is not very helpful. Should I go with what they look like in this or do something else?
  20. You'd expect single player to be vastly different from normal, as you can't just have everything you can have in a full party. Except you can. It's just a little slower to cap your hand-to-hand and reach 18 for spells. And it's only a little bit harder. It feels exactly the same as playing with four characters. Which is why I decided that the game I most wanted to see, except for maybe Thrive, would be a first person, realtime recreation of Avernum 3. I feel like a huge amount of what Avernum 3 could be is lost to the fact that you can only communicate finite wonderment with 800x600 isometric graphics.
  21. I hear that sound all the time. Half the time I hear a cave sound effect, it is that exact sound effect. Ugh, now I have that stuck on my head.
  22. Without cheating, I got my mage powerful enough to unlock the door, and the one ahead of it, but, of course, I am still unable to get in.
  23. If you ride your horses to a ladder on a floor horses can go on, then climb that ladder, and then end up in a room with a floor horses can go on, you cannot dismount or move. Which means you can only A: Use editor B: Load from previous point.
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