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  1. She changed her views more than any other character though I think?
  2. Shouldn't Litalia be registered as a hypocrite though? She was shaper for a short time (although from what I've gathered pro rebel), rebel and then trakovite. Soo I just don't like her lol. I'd side with the trakovites, considering how mad everyone goes near the end. The drakons turning out just pretty much control hungry arrogant beings kindred to their former shaper masters. Trakovites are the only sane ones trying to bring an end to the war machine that started and revolved around the geneforge universe Shaping
  3. If someone wants I could post my fanfiction of geneforge 4 about a Servile named Prometheus
  4. Hey all, just a question about how to "lure" the crocsile out of the water, do I need fish? only quest I need to complete before I can feel comfortable moving on
  5. yeah I agree with you about it being unlikely though, unless the avernites start making "vhanati like" buildings for them to live in. Sort of like what they did in the tower of magi also known as the useless room hahaha. But I would love to have some stick figure like vahnati tagging along with the rest of my adventurers even as like an Npc
  6. As I recall, Most Slithzerikai In Avernum anyway Hated Avernites and wanted to wipe them off the face of the caves( haha cave joke :3) same with the Nephil disliking humans, Avernum's become for the most part peaceful and they aren't as hostile as some of the rouge nephil and slithzerikai enemies you encounter so I would love to see the Vahnati as PCs they'd have like a magic bonus or something sure they live isolated lives away from Avernum. As I resist the temptation to argue why your wrong in "thats not possible" I won't start bickering beleive me lol its possible
  7. That would be so awesome, Or at least have the vahnati (i know I fail at spelling) as a playable character race I love using their crazy wave blades and spinning disks of death I even beat A2 with using just that.About the update "renewing" the starvation effect is nice and all adding realism to the game, sure its tedious but i mean at least theres a use for food now; as with in A5 food just healed you for about 7 each time, a potion or spell was more useful; think f it as a use for food now Oh and I kind of miss using food to camp in outdoor areas as in A3
  8. I am as befuddled as you are on that one
  9. I've been really wasting away my summer with reading old classics like "Frankenstein Or the Modern Prometheus" (Yes thats the original by Mary Shelley) kind of reminds me of Geneforge a bit, you know with a mad man who creates life and wants total control over it -cough- and books on vampires like Anne Rice's books because I can not at all stand twilight
  10. I've been wondering this myself. Such as the Gazer, seems to be a pretty rooted creature in fantasy worlds; for example the forgotten realms beholder looks like a spitting image of a gazer. lol should i just email Jeff and ask him?
  11. hai guys this one area I've had a particularly hard time on, and i'm not sure how to notice where I'm able to cross each pylon safely without getting skewered umm help?
  12. true MMOS do lack story line D: its always about getting the best gear and owning all the other players and yet we look at Avernum 5 and omg xD an adventurer band in the empire
  13. oh and the fact that I would like to give em away free to you guys but to cover costs you know D: i unfortunately can't shape money
  14. problem is I would not only have to get Jeff's permission, but I'd also have to get in contact with the artist who was commissioned for geneforge 5. Although for nostalgia I could try and use the old geneforge art although I have no idea how to rip the art from the game into a jpeg so i can convert it into a graphic that i can work on from there with photoshop and my tablet
  15. that also brings in the question though which shaper faction? Alwan, Taygen or even the traitor Astoria
  16. I was kind of tempted to bring a plated artilla I created through the entire game I named Wormcicle D: sadly was replaced by a vlish named Micheal Jackson in honor of him o course
  17. I know its a geeky idea but I just love the entire series I was thinking I could make a few t shirts? or maybe swing this idea by Jeff? I know theres a bunch of legal copyright stuff I'd have to go through with the game artists and Jeff himself but what do you guys think? or if you know if anyone has already made geneforge or any spiderweb software related merch?
  18. Hi everyone Just started Avernum 5, and I can't come up with any names for human like cat people or lizard men (and lizard women ) Any help or suggestions? I really don't think that in Avernum's plot, the Nephlim and Sliths are named with human like names Any help is very much appreciated thanks
  19. lol wow I go away for a few days and come back My little thread I started has earned a gold star for discussion Is It still possible to play as a guardian and beat the game? thats the basis of my question that I was wondering
  20. Thats the conclusion I came too as well, but then he did fix the shaper and agent class... why not the guardian? do you think he'll fix it? I like the look of guardian sprites more
  21. Hi everyone ! after using a shaper with a battle magic build and siding with the rebels; I can't decide what class I'd like to pick now any suggestions guys? I wanted to pick guardian, however I've heard the class is bugged? I'd like to try sorceress, but I don't know what kind of build i should give her, so any suggestions or tips would be Greatly appreciated Thanks!
  22. Thanks so much guys appreciate it lol now I just have to figure out what class I'd like to pick now and join maybe Taygen now lol
  23. Hi everyone , after looking aimlessly throughout the forums I cannot find an answer to my problem,my character is a pro rebel shaper whos sided with the drakons, and I am on the quest "the four shapers". So far I've eliminated all but 1 and that is Taygen, I've raided absolutely everywhere in the Dera reaches, Where on earth am i supposed to go?! Help
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