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  1. All right, you've got me. I'm sure I have a few since the last time I posted. Let's see what I can find. Snowy branches It's a flaming log This bench is useful Sunrise over the creek Oh, deer Also, your lizard does look extremely imperious. :-)
  2. It did the same thing to me earlier, but if you Save Target As and manually change the extension to .rtf, it seems to work fine.
  3. I've never seen that option that I recall - I just changed my personal graphics sheets to use the E3 graphics. As a long-time fan of the blue graphics set, I would be all for including a toggle for graphics in the new versions of BoE, (even if it means I need to convert all the old scenarios' graphics from grey cave for it to happen,) if anyone's willing to program the thing. :-)
  4. Finally came up with a spell, pending approval: Tame (ench), Calms the targeted creature’s mind, making them more amenable and less prone to violence. The spell’s effectiveness is increased when used against non-sentient creatures, but is weaker against people of strong will. I'd also like to take Vitze's Shrewd Disappearance (ench), (description from the Compendium:) "Turns the caster invisible and dampens all sound they make."
  5. Click to reveal.. (Ak-Deevt Level 3) Adding: 1 to Intelligence, 1 to Enchantment (4), 1 to Transmutation (1), 1 to Artifice (2), 1 to First Aid (3), 1 to Nature (3) Name: Ak-Deevt Alignment: Naive Race: Lacewing Occupation: Apprentice Mage Level: 3 Skill Points: 0 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 3 Intelligence: 4 HP: 21/25 Stamina: 7/10 Magic (Conjuration): 4 Magic (Enchantment): 4 Magic (Transmutation): 1 Martial (Knives): 1 First Aid: 3 Nature: 3 Stealth: 2 Artifice: 2 Composure: 1 Perception: 1 Thievery: 1 (RB) History: 1 (RB) I'll be adding at least one new spell when I have the time to come up with something, but that won't be until Sunday evening at the soonest.
  6. Wow, sounds like it was an interesting session. Can't wait to see the log of that! :-)
  7. Reminder: Session 4 tomorrow!
  8. Most of my mice live at home in the office, but there is one that travels with me in my luggage, and a few old ones that live in the attic.
  9. My copy of the Geneforge saga came in a white paper/cardboard-type sleeve. I personally think that if he were to get cover art and a case, or even one of those DVD-type ones, it would make for a much more professional presentation (but then again I also would say he needs to get music for his games, so I'm probably asking for too much.)
  10. I finally finished the expanded version of Adira's epilogue! (It's only been, what, six weeks?) Also, I would be very curious to see that Artifact List you mentioned, especially as regards those cymbals I forgot to grab.
  11. Originally Posted By: Arch-Mage Solberg Sure it has since been remade and overshadowed I refuse to believe it. Avernum can't overshadow exile! Avernum's graphics can't even compare, at least not until you hit A4, and don't get me started on the interface.
  12. Click to reveal.. (Ak-Deevt Level 2) Adding: 1 to Dexterity, 1 to Enchantment (3), 2 to Nature (1+2), and 2 to First Aid (1+2) Name: Ak-Deevt Alignment: Naive Race: Lacewing Occupation: Apprentice Mage Level: 2 Skill Points: 1 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 3 Intelligence: 3 HP: 14/20 Stamina: 4/10 Magic (Conjuration): 4 Magic (Enchantment): 3 Martial (Knives): 1 First Aid: 2 Nature: 2 Stealth: 2 Artifice: 1 Composure: 1 Perception: 1 Thievery: 1 (RB) History: 1 (RB)
  13. Oh, bother. Something's just come up and I need to go in to work this evening. I'm afraid I'll be completely absent for the session. :-( Sorry I couldn't give more notice, I only just found out.
  14. Reminder: Session 3 is tomorrow!
  15. Mistb0rn

    Custom Titles

    Oh, wow. I didn't notice the change until you mentioned it. Thanks! :-D
  16. Originally Posted By: loyal servile of sasuke uchiha the asp gloves sound very usefull and here i thought they defended against poison! Aspskin gloves, I think you mean.
  17. Quote: You know things are desperate when you have to flog a soldier for taking more than their fair share of rat. Hah, I love this quote! It really made me laugh.
  18. Don't forget, session 2 is tomorrow!
  19. I haven't played Avadon yet, as I'm on Windows, but consider this a +5 for including keyboard movement. That has been one of my biggest complaints about recent spiderweb games.
  20. Originally Posted By: Carington x2 (A2? Ack! Already taken. And Av is not unique either! Abbreviation needed!) How about D?
  21. I don't really care either way; whatever the others want, I guess.
  22. Mistb0rn

    i don't like it

    Originally Posted By: Dantius I've been sent by the DORA department to take you into custody. Please don't try and resist arrest. Irrelevant. None of my words were acronyms.
  23. Mistb0rn

    i don't like it

    Superfluous, I think you mean. Or extraneous. Possibly redundant. Or all three, come to think of it.
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