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  1. All the links in the original post do not work anymore. Probably because they call the page it was on before the boards were updated a while ago.
  2. I can say that I enjoy a scenario that is not a "rail shooter", but that drops enough clues to be able to follow the storyline. This is not always ever easy to do. As for the first question. Yes, I like extra frills a lot, one of my problems with a (good) scenario like Two Strands was the lack of such frills. On the other hand they often take much longer to make a good storyline and can bog down the production of the scenario quite a bit.
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    Ruby skeletons are powerful, they can shoot four rays of damaging ouch per turn. This can be frustrating, but I learned to like it if it was used well. They aren't the hardest monster to kill, so it spices up a battle trying to kill that skeleton before it kills you. Any group of Ruby Skeletons gives you a good excuse to use that invulnerability potion you've been saving. I’ve beaten VoDT 2 or 3 times, but the ruby skeleton didn’t stand out too much for me. The demon and the Hydras stood out because they were the hardest monsters (and not necessary to beat). The layout of the underground caves also stood out, because it was somewhat complex and pretty cool. A couple other things also stood out, but I’m not sure why. (like the monsters in the first town, and the second town)
  4. My life works in phases. For about a month at a time I would be active playing and designing for BoE, seperated by a couple months of not. I'm working on a scenrio too! It's a first effort, so who knows how good it is? Only one way to find out.
  5. As stated before, the game should run exactly as it did before, so none of the scenarios are changed. But I do like a good AI, so this should be something stored in the scenario - with the default call being usual monster AI (what we had before). EDIT: AI is possibly the most complicated part of any game - improving it or changing it would not be easy.
  6. BoE-Ormus would fall under the category of Open sourced Blades of Exile (OBoE) and is probably the most popular version of it. Therefore using the term would be appropriate.
  7. Sweet, I always like a different solution than plain old hack and cast.
  8. I don't think I would get very far. The Demo Deamon would stop me before I could get into the real part of the game Unless BoE ... A scenario I create, with an extended node chain, starting with "kill party". Hmm...
  9. Ahbleza, I think it is you that is mistaken, about a great many things *manical laughter* Originally Posted By: Ahbleza No, I wasn't "posting for fun". I take everything at face value, assuming that any post is an honest question. Ah, but you are posting so that the question can be answered. The question should be answered so that Miramor can have fun while playing An Apology. Therefore your posts are for fun too. I also take the question seriously, and post for the greater fun of the community. I believe that the primary purpose of BoE, its scenarios and its forums is to have fun. I don't (often) post to make fun of, mislead, play mind tricks on or otherwise "have fun" at another person's expense. Acid is magic? That seems strange, but I haven’t tested it. Not many of my chars have acid weapons.
  10. Posting for fun? Of coarse, isn't that what forums are for? (550 HP, Ouch, Hastes with your mages and blesses then wounds with your priests sounds like the best idea to me. Can you do these before the battle begins?) Edit: Depending on the armour of the runes, two single handed weapons or one double handed will do the most damage. I remeber running around with higher lvl parties with extra weapons to deal with special scenarios that require them. (I don’t think anything is immune to acid, if you got a hold of any of that)
  11. As I said, I haven't played that scenario, but if I were, I would look to see it's immunities, health, armour and spell lvls (if any) if it managed to defeat me on the first try. Also if I find out it's say undead - then I grin. (But I think the cances of runes being undead is slim)
  12. I haven't played the scenario, but presuming it's a monster you're fighting, scry it to figure out it's weakness. If you record it's stats, you can reload and not take the time to scry it the second time. (If you think there is a weak link, scry them all)
  13. Yep, each character has a cap of 50, but it's not that hard to get to using a 1PC party, getting 6 up there ... Lets just say I beat the exiles with lvl 40+x parties where x is a number between 0 and 9.
  14. Yep, town timers with checks to see if it crushes the players. Look at the topic “Them rascally moving walls” at Calamity Refuge Forums for an in depth description of how I do it. A test is a sort of a challenge for the party. “It” is switching towns in the middle of a test. Possible draw backs include a small message displayed telling the player that they have changed towns and a sudden loss of sight if magic map has been used. And yes, E3 had a fairly impressive moving wall sequence. They were impressive because they also worked when you were in combat mode.
  15. The Demonslayer is always good to have around, especially with my fighter heavy play style. The Black Halberd can only be used by one fighter, what do you do with your second best fighter? And Demons pop up in tones of places (at least in Exile) because any high level (evil) mage has a tendency to summon swarms of them.
  16. I believe I also used the Mindduel trick, but I believe Rentar managed to kill Erica first. Uh, I’m not sure what happened after that, but I may have forgotten the puzzle below and Rentar respawned when I came back and I had to win the usual way (I wasn’t going to do that fight again, especially without Erica). Of corse, this was all pulled from the extents of my foggy memory.
  17. Funny, I remember getting the Demonslayer. Perhaps I’m remembering E2 and combining it with the Black Halberd and Alien Blades from E3.
  18. Recently I’ve been playing around with moving walls, which it turns out are really node heavy. The result, I have to switch towns in the middle of a really short test (not necessary to beat the scenario). Do you all think this will detract from the quality of the test? (Or in general as a solution for node heavy towns)
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    A quick note, just encase w-dueck's best efforts haven't succeeded, the link in his signature I was talking about is titled Calamity Refuge Forums, the Insane Asylum of the Spiderweb Community. The link simply titled Calamity Refuge is a work in progress that would be harder to navigate through.
  20. Robsta

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    I’d presume the screenshot is the same one as he posted in Calamity Refuge Forums. You can view it there in the BoE Forum (you don’t need to be registered to view). The link to Calamity Refuge is in his signature.
  21. I’ll give you the example of something I’m trying in my scenario. One of the tests involves a moving wall. I’ve discovered that If I have a series of timers that are set for 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, and 1 moves, it will always produce a wall that moves every round. Hm, looking at the numbers it appears there might be a pattern.
  22. It should not be fixed because a number of previous scenarios have been designed with these faulty timers accounted for. If it was fixed so that these scenarios were changed, it may render them unplayable. If it were fixed in a way that did not effect any previous scenarios playability, it should be.
  23. An annoying bug that SHOULD NOT BE FIXED is the varying effects of the general timers. I find that about half the time, general timers subtract one move from the number of moves they say, while the other half of the time they don’t. Why?
  24. I'm fairly sure one of my friends plays it on Vista, but I don't know how they do it.
  25. In Exile (and most of Vogel’s other games), armour does not determine how often you are hit, but how much damage you do. Therefore, a heavily armoured monster will be able to shirk of a good fighter with a bad weapon most of the time. In BoE, it isn’t required to fight wandering monsters until your level is 50, because there are so many scenarios. If you only gain a few levels in one scenario, you can always gain a few more in the next without the boring long waits and pointless battles. Archery is not useless! If you add a few buffs to your arrows (say poison, exploding arrows, arrows of life, etc.) you can do quite a bit of damage. Archers are good at picking off monsters with low armours or martyr’s shielded monsters. Also, giving a fighter some archery ability can give it a free attack every round. (As characters have 4 move points, and it only costs 3 to shoot a bow.) That said, I don’t usually use standard parties, I had enough of them in the Exile trilogy. Instead, my three most powerful parties include two singletons at level 50 and an all fighter party at about level 30. These aren’t the easiest parties to win with, but I like a challenge. I prefer to give characters more of a personality than turning them into killing machines.
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