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  1. Yeah, I'm the psycho, I've only gotten through the coakroach factory, but on torment with a singleton, I guess that's good. But having a do-it-all means that he'll lack the true strength each of the classes would have purely.
  2. Well, for the first time in a while, i made an interesting subject. I admit to only have registered the avernum series, but I have the original demos of the exile series, so I got to meet 'X' In the first Exile, and i could've sword it said woman. I have no say on the dragons besides Motrax, who has and always will be male...
  3. I recall X being a woman in the original series of exile, yet it seems he turned into a man in avernum, he's described as having long black hair, a transexual characteristic. Here's the question, is he REALLY a man, a woman, or was he both, one in each series?
  4. Well, there was a blade wall spell, but it was limited to being placed on an opponent, meaning you couldn't strategically place them, and not to mention you can't suicide a party member for fun
  5. "Thong: both a peice of armor and a weapon, it can be used in melee to smack your opponent with, it only does little damage, but it's a weapon none the less" Why? So people could do this?
  6. or maybe you dont have a mac *_*? That would be a good reason.
  7. hmm. I know avernum had to have at least a 20 period,because if you talk to king micah in A:1, he says he has been king for 20 years, now subtract the years for the visitation ;-) (I'm gonna do more research, I'm good with detail, let's putt this mystery together!)
  8. i have it too, its as simple as making it and auto on/off when you play the game. (always change colors thing in the menu) it never bugs me, changes in, switches back out.
  9. fyora:fyo cryoa:cryo thatd(SP):never make em' artilla: same UR-drakon: UR-dead
  10. if the screens haveing problems, maybe you need to reset color (im a reletivly new windows user, but mac had adjustable colors, and you needed 265 or some odd number, try that as well, it usually asks you at the start up if you want to change.
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