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  1. FYI - as the ".dat" might suggest, it's a data file. The contents are not stored in text form, so opening it with a text editor won't make clear the values that are stored in it.
  2. I'd guess they are stored in the Settings.dat file from the saved games directory, but maybe not. Did you wipe that along with the saved games?
  3. If Anaximander is telling you you can return to the Tower of Magi then you have reported at least one plague victory to him. The question you need to ask Levy is: "Have my achievements merited a reward yet?" EDIT: I don't know where in his dialogue tree it is, but it looks like it should always be present. He will either respond: Levy looks through a large book, checks again, and looks back up apologetically. "Nope, you've done nothing yet to merit a reward. Perhaps you should do some adventuring and check back later." or e.g. Levy looks through a large book, finds something of interest, and produces a potion from under the counter. "Well done! Here is the reward for dispatching the Alien Slime." The rewards for the early quests aren't that amazing. For the slimes it's an Invulnerability Elixir and for the roaches it's a Ring of Skill. So I'm wondering if you could have already picked them up and just not realized it?
  4. Yeah Berra is completely irrelevant to Levy. Has Anaximander directed you to go to Levy for a reward? Also, are you playing original Avernum 3 or Avernum 3: Ruined World?
  5. Hahaha, so many shades of "I can't imagine remaking the Tower of Magi one more time." And yet...
  6. This was discussed on a previous page; this is theoretically possible, but has some plausibility issues.
  7. Thanks. I've just discovered that I do still in fact have the files for this. I'm not sure I have the time to deal with the last 10% of stuff necessary to get it finished, but in the crazy event that happens, I'll PM you.
  8. Summary of the old G2 Awakened victory from this chart: The Council puts you in jail and executes Zakary if he is alive. The Awakened activate the Barrier of the Winds. Rising surrenders to them and Barzahl dies if he is alive. The remaining Takers flee. The Awakened obtain victories over the Shapers and arrange a prisoner exchange for you. You spend the rest of your life fighting a war against the Shapers; apparently neither side can obtain decisive victory, but the Shapers aren't willing to back down. I do think G4 and particularly G5 show that, if a war is pushed far and long enough, the Shapers are not beyond pragmatism. So I agree with alhoon that initially most Shapers would be willing to cross the mountain and die... but the Shapers aren't actually stupid, and the longer that goes on, the more of them won't be willing to. This is especially true because the Awakened will obviously try to communicate that they don't actually want to fight, and as we have seen, the Shapers don't really have much ability with propaganda, or much control over news; they just have their baked-in culture and that's it. When facing the Rebellion, if the Shapers stopped fighting, they would lose literally everything. When facing the Awakened, if they stopped fighting, they would lose things, but they would all be abstract: some pride, and some orthodox principles. That changes the calculus a lot. The old ending text does however establish canonically that, if the PC helps the Awakened realize the BOTW in G2, the Shapers are unable to crush them. The imagined scenario about gradual losses simply isn't what happens.
  9. The issue wasn't that you were avoiding spoilers. The issue was that you thought it was appropriate to vehemently argue about the very same topics you were avoiding spoilers on!
  10. But this is exactly the point. Aggressively expanding, and putting your enemy on the defensive, is one way to be successful in a conflict. Aggressively defending is another option. There are plenty of historical examples of (1) years-long sieges that never succeeded, and (2) cities or states that retained their independence despite being within reach of an empire that conquered everything it could -- and, yes, even when there were fanatical ideological beliefs held by the would-be conquerors. You also obstinately refused to even learn anything about what happened in the earlier games, all the while continuously arguing things that completely contradicted them. You don't need to remind us 😛 It's one thing to consider the question of "what it takes," period, for anyone to have a chance; but that's very different from "what it took the Rebels to have a chance" in that outcome of G2, which was not the Awakened ending. The Awakened ending is nothing like the one that led forward into G3/G4. Lots of things were different. And the time elapsed between G2 and G4 is actually quite long. You can't analyze what it would take them based on the world of G4, which is wholly shaped (no pun intended) by the Rebellion.
  11. if randomizer's list happens to include all codex locations and which one is where (i think it usually only lists the first appearance) there might be an only slightly inconvenient way of saving those up. same for many of the creations, i suppose -- even shapers don't really need to make all of them in any one game.
  12. Wow. That is a big pile of low hassle save-till-the-end XP then, between those two quests. That's pretty crazy. I wonder if there's a point prior to the very end where they'll no longer push any remaining viable XP sources into zero-XP territory, and therefore can be cashed in for minimal loss, but instead gaining benefit from them for longer...
  13. At least this feels utterly thematic! Curious that there's disagreement over the iron bars. Which one of you has checked the scripts?
  14. thanks mech! and wow, that's rather a huge chunk of XP if you save them up. tempting for sure... join the barzites, get some free levels... and then immediately kill them all.
  15. For the XP Randomizer mentioned, unlike most (all?) other XP in the game, those are flat awards not adjusted for level. So it's a trickle of occasionally getting 25 XP many times throughout the game, or a lump sum of 25 x 29 (or whatever) XP at the end. The vast majority of those 25 XP awards won't make a difference early on -- by the time they would really add up enough to do so, they'll have reduced the amount you gain from other sources anyway. The real question is, is it worth giving yourself the chore of going back and finding every single codex (and creation type I guess) at endgame? That's a slog and I'm skeptical. The iron bars, on the other hand, might actually be worth delaying.
  16. You remember rightly, and you put that elegantly. The XP adjustments are steep enough that's it's pretty hard to actually shift your endgame XP total by all that much. e.g., in Mutagen, there were more than enough XP sources (quests and enemies) that zero out beyond, say, level 5, to get you all the way to level 5 -- thus you don't need to worry about getting them in an efficient order, as you'll have "leftovers" anyway. I suspect this actually applies way beyond level 5, as there are extremely few sources of XP with a base level anywhere near the PC's max level. Assuming I'm not way off on this, it means the only way you can meaningfully lose XP is by using up high-level sources when you're at a much lower level. There are a few places this might be likely to happen, but not a ton. I'm not sure that even a perfectly minmaxed XP gain order would allow you to squeeze an extra level out at game end. Maybe; but gosh that seems miserable.
  17. Folks, from all available evidence, the games are selling great. Demo downloads -- especially for a game that hasn't actually been released yet -- are very, very, very different from actual game sales. As Jawaj points out, most people don't bother with demos anymore because (1) they're already having 3000 different games thrust at them by platforms like Steam, and (2) price points are pretty low. Spiderweb has shared a little bit about their sales numbers in the distant past. We know they get a lot more sales now than they did then. And Jeff described Mutagen as one of their best-performing games in a long time. You can also extrapolate some ballpark sales numbers by looking at numbers of reviews on big platforms like Steam. This won't be even remotely precise, but it should relieve any concerns that nobody is buying the games. Clearly, lots of people are. (And remember that they are on a whole pile of different platforms, not just Steam.)
  18. The Eastern Gallery already has enough space for 800 screens of chitrachs. The settlements are not adjacent. It's in much better shape than the Great Cave. There were a lot of things in A4 that threw off the balance -- Divinely Touched and other traits/races, and Parry, in particular -- but "getting free casts of buffs which only cost a few spell points anyway" was not really one of them.
  19. The concept of the continuous world map isn't a bad one. I know Jeff was inspired by Ultima V (and thereafter) where there is a very deliberate shifting of scale as you move between different continguous overworld areas -- one minute a building takes up the whole screen, one screen later it's a pile of trees, then multiple mountaintops. And that had a certain style to it. A4 kind of shifted scales too, but the art unfortunately didn't shift with it so it felt weird rather than artistic. It also isn't that different in many ways from the "separate zones, world map is abstract and not walkable" method of Geneforge (and Avadon) -- you could take Geneforge's zones, stitch them together, and (except for having some gaps) you'd more or less have what A4 did. But Geneforge's world map does lend a sense of distance and scale that is missing when you stitch them together. I don't know how to solve this for A4 without redoing the map entirely -- or at least parts of it. Blosk and Dharmon are IMO by far the worst offender, but there are other spots that might be worth the TLC.
  20. A4 was really the one where the continuous-map was the biggest problem, because it just destroyed the sense of scale of the earlier games completely in a way that was kind of absurd. A5 was fine because it was new areas designed for the new map style, and A6 somehow didn't seem as bad either. He's probably gonna have to redo the A4 map anyway, unless he plans to keep elevation out of the game. So maybe there can be a compromise? Like, take one of the 18 A4 underground zones filled to the brim with unnecessary chitrachs and relocate it to be in between Blosk and Dharmon so they aren't 3 feet away from each other anymore? :P
  21. A4 before G3 would seem a little weird given that original G3 came first anyway. But maybe he's been hearing from Avernum-specific fans and realizing it's already been a while since the A3 remake? Man. I'm just remembering now what a shock it was to hear that he was actually making A4 in the first place.
  22. I mean, it would be weird to remake the first five games and not the sixth.
  23. It's real, but it's not a huge secret. If you google "rough diamond" avernum you'll find a bunch of mentions of it.
  24. Yes. And to their credit, they both have, um... names.
  25. Good people in general would be a welcome addition. The rebels maybe get it worse in this regard (Lankan, Hoge, Agatha... ugh), although OTOH Greta is notably less dopey than Alwan in G3. Also, the rebel quests forcing you to do dumb things like kill Khyryk, there's gotta be a way to mitigate that. It doesn't help that both of the faction big-deal figureheads, Akhari Blaze and Lord Rahul, have absolutely zero characterization and are basically just cardboard boxes that say "i'm in charge" on them.
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