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  1. I managed to do it fairly easily on torment by baiting the golems into attacking a healing pylon and a snare turret. After that it was basically a battle between my two ranged attackers and the controllers, which was fairly simple. Note: if they run away, just focus another one. Chasing them will lead you into more turrets which is bad, and the controllers will eventually rejoin the fight.
  2. Thanks for the advice, the battle was really close but after several reloads I finally managed to win. I tried to daze her but even though the game said "off-balance" she didn't become dazed for some reason. Oh well.
  3. I'm kinda stuck on the first miranda fight (the one in Monitor Base D). The combination of Miranda herself and the never-ending stream of monsters makes it really hard. I'm usually screwed by the time I get transported to the second room of turrets. Any tricks to doing it?
  4. If I cast a spell with my sorcerer, then open up the spell-casting menu again before he finishes his animation, the first spell will have no effect but will consume vitality/AP. Yes, I'm impatient.
  5. Yeah, if no one sees you steal, you won't get in trouble.
  6. When you get a boat, you'll be able to sail around behind the Honeycombs and open the gate from there. Then you can go back through the main Honeycomb entrance and enter that area.
  7. No Frozen Feet, you are demon.
  8. Check strategy central first, next time. http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=117305#Post117305 Answer: Their base essence, EP gain, and SP gain are equal. Lifecrafter has 8 more base SP, however.
  9. Ummm... in G2, how does anything cross the entire screen and hit you with the old AP system?
  10. Yeah, there's a secret passage in the west. The entrance is guarded by slimes. Once you're down there, someone will tell you how to get into Fort Monastery.
  11. When you get the quest "Barrow Wight", go back to the crypt and a passage to the guy will appear. (you get the quest from the Castle job board after you finish the grave robbers quest)
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