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  1. "I'm an Awakened, I just want to kill all the shapers I don't like and wipe out all the Barzites and kill Learned Pinner so *I* can take over and really bring war to the Shapers properly!" Bro. That's Taker-speak. You are taking your free.
  2. That's... the point? I thought that was the whole idea behind using the Geneforge. To be overpowered.
  3. Yeah, that's part of the reason I still regard GF1 so highly. It took some balls to let the player use the Geneforge and actually achieve True Ultimate Power.
  4. Once again, the true tragedy of GF1 is revealed: All they had to do was make the damn microscopes and they would have revolutionized everything. And yet they jumped immediately to self-godhood. What a waste.
  5. Seneca is in the first town of GF2, man.
  6. It's not a felony if you blast all the guards with draykfire.
  7. I know to expect a fairly faithful remaster of GF3, but I hope Jeff isn't afraid to take more... creative liberties with this story than GF1 and 2. I like the overall arc from GF3-5, but from what I recall 3's plot was a little flat after the frankly amazing GF2. A bit of extra worldbuilding is always nice and I'm not expecting crazy new endings, but I think there's an opportunity to really jazz up the game by strengthening the opening and Litalia's character, plus making Greta and Alwan into actual followers instead of semi-silent golems. I don't need (or want) Bioware amounts of companion backstory and sidequesting, but more commentary could be used to flesh out their characters, the world, and their views on it. They were alright companions but with the hindsight of later games there's a lot more that could be done with them.
  8. Presumably the whole "look at a creation and assert my will onto it" thing has a role in it.
  9. 10 tools is a pittance for that sword. It's even less if you're actually pumping mechanics for the first 3-4 levels, like you probably should be doing. Then you can immediately start pumping Melee Weapons to 5 so you can begin obliterating anything within melee range.
  10. I recall some of the extra content from GF1:M strongly hinted that civilizations before the shapers had risen and fallen with that knowledge. There's always a chance for people to blow the entire world back into the stone age and cause a technological reset again. Was any of that in base GF1? I don't think so but I haven't played that in about 10-15 years.
  11. Well now I'm trying to think of a creature that isn't represented by anything else yet. Something that isn't pulling from mythology like the cockatrice... actually, why not rip off the cockatrice? You could have a phoenix-like creature that spits lots of fire and "rebirths" itself one time when it dies - especially if it dies with a fiery explosion. If you want something reptilian, there's always the dinosaur route. A stegosaurus whose plates thermoregulate by releasing an inferno onto enemies, perhaps? Fyoras are basically flaming velociraptors. Giant, man-eating flame beetles?
  12. Yeah, but modifying yourself to spit out lighting-fire breath that stuns people is a bit different from modifying yourself for the long-term preservation and expansion of drakon-kind. Wait a minute. No it's not. Nevermind.
  13. I know, I'm just being pedantic. But I am thinking of a much larger worm. Like, 15 feet long at least. Anacondas with magma for blood and a thirst for stone. And rogues, I guess. If I was a shaper, I'd definitely get myself killed doing some kind of stupid experiment like this.
  14. I'm sure this comes up in a later game and I've forgotten, but drakons can still breed, right? Oh, god. What's stopping them from shaping themselves to naturally breed more drakons? At that point, they would need to worry more about social cohesion & resource allocation than any external threat. Maybe drakons cost too much essence and they can't modify themselves further.
  15. That's... true. Why aren't those under fire shaping? I guess because they're squishy and frail. The wyrm would not be! The wyrm would have blood made of lava.... yeeeeesss....
  16. Might as well rename "Fire Shaping" to "Dragon Shaping" at that point. What about a giant worm that burrows by superheating rock and melting into enemy fortifications? That's big, scary, something different, and NOT a dragon. You could even call it a "wyrm" to frustrate people who are expecting a dragon and get... a worm. Maybe a dragon-worm. It sounds LUDICROUSLY irresponsible and destructive, but I suppose that's kind of the point of tier 5 creations. If you wanted to be real funny, you could have its basic attacks be a giant AOE flamethrower.
  17. Why do the drayks simply not outpopulate the drakons, then?
  18. Clearly Drayks are the apex of all creations, not drakons. Ghaldring should be retconned into a Drayk for GF3.
  19. Yeah, my Zora always had 6 AP. I thought that was a Torment thing, lol
  20. Man, I love friendly fire. A shame that it makes battle shaping even worse!
  21. The base purifying sword is cracked. I had that thing maxed out as soon as possible, then never stopped using it for the rest of the game. I literally used it from the moment I got to Drypeak up until I left.
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