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  1. Years later, I am being confused about the same moral choice
  2. When attacking Konstina in her camp I managed to kill her. Yes, kill her. Used a bit of tricks to block her path and the most deadliest spells I got at my maximum level of my trio. With the last hit she... disappeared. Simply. I know it's because I am not supposed to kill her, but I feel so good that I could 'crack the system', despite on Casual level.
  3. I killed few enemy females and their dying sound was male too.
  4. Thank you! I heard people talking about pipe and beaker, but I never paid attention. Actually, I got 2 out of 3 stuff he asks. Gotta be more patient and get everything.
  5. Nice to know that. It would be a mistery if I, for example, kill her and she appears later live and prosper )))
  6. Hi! I just went to Fort Foresight and found Timon, who gave me some quest. I really don't know what should I bring to him and where should I look for this stuff. And the most difficult part is there are no manuals and how-to's for this (sub?)mission.
  7. And if I crank my heroes with some external cheats? I am very wondering what would happen if I actually kill her?
  8. Hm, I'm having different question regarding to her: can we actually kill her while first time in Monitor Base D?
  9. Oh, nice to know that! Thank you! I'm always answering questionaries. Love to give a feedback so the devs could make even better product.
  10. Trapped Lair map, mission with Sulla. So I wonder, what happens if I do press the button despite Sulla's attempts to stop me? I didn't see that button when I was on that mission, but managed to return later (with Sulla dead, of course, that traitor) and I wonder, how does the explosion affects the gameplay.
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