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Found 8 results

  1. Any suggestions on the Energy elixir quest? I got into the library part way now I can't do any more. At least the door isn't cooperating and I can't find any other info. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, I looked for an answer here but couldn't find one. Recently started playing Avernum again (which I knew as BOE when I was a tiddler), and a while back I got to the Annoying Hellhound quest. Of course, you have to be level 8/9 to spawn the hellhound, so I went, trained, came back, and killed it. I went back to Hrank at Fort Draco, and I couldn't get an acknowledgement that I'd defeated the hellhound. I've been back multiple time, even back to the lair. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing, or this is just an unfortunate bug I happen to have come across? Than
  3. Hello, Please share your best moments here, I'd really like to read them, here are some of mines. Three things that made me happy during the gameplay (there were much more): 1. Feeding the lone woolf near Fort Monastery in Avernum 4 2. Obtaining Reproducing Bulwark in Avadon 1 which spawned bricks in your inventory during combat (meant you were s***ing bricks - "Pop!") 3. Love story in Avadon 2 I also loved having my houses in Avadon 2 cause I could put all my inventory trash there. And defeating a god in Avadon 2 for achievement "A hand fears nothing" which gave me the chil
  4. Hi! I just went to Fort Foresight and found Timon, who gave me some quest. I really don't know what should I bring to him and where should I look for this stuff. And the most difficult part is there are no manuals and how-to's for this (sub?)mission.
  5. Chapter 1 Fort Ganrick [Game] Dig a Tunnel [Game] Escape the Tunnels [Game] Report to Vidican [Captain Vidican] Destroy Mysterious Barriers [Captain Vidican] Slay Nepharim Chieftain (XP, 400c, Shield Ring, 3? rep) [Captain Vidican] Visit Fort Draco [Gridley] Find Stolen Arrow Shipment (XP, 100c, Woven Silver Chain, 1 rep) [Gridley] Fort Draco Message (XP) Fort Draco [Anford] Bandits Under Fort Draco (XP, 150c, Woven Silver Band, 1 rep) [Anford] Travel to Formello [Kellia] Deliver Metal Bars (XP, 25c) [Harg] Deliver Marriage Proposal (XP, Warmth Ring) [Job Board] Valley Band
  6. Hey folks, I've kicked down the door on the Verdant Valley bandits and ended all their lives. When I went to their storeroom (easternmost room), it said something about the arrow shipment bieng there. Hooray! I looked around, but didn't see any items labeled as such, nor did I get a special item. Boo. I did catch the switch on the wall, which opened a secret room back to the west, but while there was loot, there was again no arrow shipment. Confused, I went back to Fort Draco and checked with the quest rewarders. Captain Anford (arrows quest) was unimpressed with my antics, but Kel
  7. I know that you can't find Tarkus down in the cells, but reading on the forums a person said that if you reach Redbeard at the bottom, you could return to the hand who gave you the quest and turn it in. I can't. I've thoroughly searched everything down there and she just says the same stuff when I go to her to turn the quest in. Was the person wrong when they said that you can turn it in after talking to Redbeard down there, or have I encountered a bug which prevents me from completing this quest?
  8. I was wondering if anyones compiled a list of merchants around avernum? I thought I saw somewhere I could purchase ale but I can't remember for the life of me where and who. Any help is appreciated.
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