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  1. Originally Posted By: Master1 Originally Posted By: Thin Gypsy Thief Just finished The Wise Man's Fear, and I can easily call it the best book I've ever read. Words describing how much I loved it fail me. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity That's a pretty strong recommendation. I guess I'll get it; thanks for the tip that it's out. I was waiting for Rothfuss's next one anyway, since The Name of the Wind was pretty good, even though my memories of it and a couple of other books are totally garbled together. If it's music I'm sure it was Rothfuss, but if it was magic school days, I'm r
  2. Originally Posted By: Soul of Wit Ah, the sticky topic. Like comfort food for the gamer. Comfort food as in slabs of Red Leicester on rye bread with a salad of Granny Smiths?
  3. What, BTW, are the flame-thingys for?
  4. I succeeded in building a dead-weight Agent once, 12 parry for self-defense, a drakon, Heust Blade, Xander, and Huge Roamer. My PC was in every way a Shaper stand-in.
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