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  1. It just suddenly dies after the fight with the Blight Spirit at the end of Burned. Killing it triggers a string of specials, there's a display text and a destroy all monsters one, followed by the change terrain one. Actually, I don't know for sure it's the change terrain one doing it, but it's the last one to get a message come up before crashing. I think the same scenario also has another change terrain and that worked fine. You go through a door and it locks behind you, I'd presume that'd be a change terrain special, but don't remember if a message came up for it.
  2. Oh, is the one hit kill thing part of the Debug mode? Turning it off seemed to fix that, though BoE was struggling during some turns (during the monster part of the turn, it soon said the program was not responding, though it was able to run the rest of their turn, just without me being able to see what was going on, sounds and damages still worked), managed to barely win the fight but it still exited the game during the Change Terrain step. EDIT: Oh, Shift-1 stops those messages about specials coming up, though it still kills the game at what I presume is the Change Terrain step.
  3. Yeah, that's it. Just loaded it again and it's just the outside map. Though had saved inside a town, will have to try when saving outdoors. Yeah, getting messages like "Step: Stuff Done Equal? - 20" and "Step: Destroy All Monsters - 26". Both before and after I turn debug off with Shift-D. EDIT: And another one, this one bigger and weirder. When fighting the Blight Spirit (which is the end fight for Burned), I got killed after a bit, so reloaded and tried again and got taken to the main screen with my party, despite having saved in a scenario. Loaded from there and went back to the proper spot, and was able to kill the monster with one hit (doing normal damage for that PC, which is not nearly enough to one shot it), start get the ending dialog but the game exited when it reaches the "change terrain" step. Reloaded it a couple of times (no problem with loading), and the same thing happened, until one time it didn't, the fight was running normally for a few turns and then just froze. Had to close BoE and start again, at which time I oneshotted the monster and the game exited again.
  4. Ok, reloaded my save game, and Shift-D got rid of that problem, thanks. But all my maps had been erased, both the outdoors where I was, and the two towns I'd visited. Also, went to the blacksmith and bought some stuff, and it's not identified when I got it. There's also a weird thing when I trigger a special, and nothing happens until I click again, which sometimes happens when it's a one time show text thingy. Annoying but not game killing. Monsters don't seem to make death noises, and animations are very slow, again, not big problems. "Save as" is working again, though clicking on "Cancel" still saves, rather than cancels. EDIT: Saved and exited, and upon reloading, the map of the town I'm in is still there, but the outdoor map is not. Next town I go to also has the map still. ALSO EDIT: The "Go back" function in the dialogue doesn't do anything. ALSO ALSO EDIT: When casting spells at a target sitting on top of a special, it kept triggering that special. Which could be useful if you could do that on purpose, now that I think of it.
  5. Hmmm, ok, so there's a Vahnatiai option now (have to rethink my usual 2 of each party) with one Vahnatai graphic, an Anama Member option (which everyone who isn't a caster should always take, I guess). Have noticed that the "save as" function inside a scenario is the same as "save", doesn't give you an option to choose where you are saving to. And there's a really annoying flickering thing down the very bottom, the only way I can play the game is to play on small screen and stick the bottom below the edge of my screen. The normal screen is a little small and the 2x is too big to fit on my screen. I should stress, I'm not meaning to sound too critical, these are just things I've noticed that seemed worth mentioning, it's still very nice to be able to play the thing at all, and I appreciate the work done on the mod. On to replay "Burned". EDIT: Ah, found some things. The controls are a bit sluggish, and I can walk through anything (walls, trees, caves). Also, ran into an outdoor encounter of goblins and they didn't seem to be able to move or attack, just stood there until I killed them. Put a PC next to one and "stand ready" -ed and they didn't attack in their turn.
  6. Mcafee also seems to think they are a big improvement, in that it lets me run them without randomly quarantining them (so far). Was wondering, was BoE supposed to be full screen only, and the character and scenario editors part screen only, or was that just me? In any case, thanks.
  7. I've managed to read LotR (it's not easy), but couldn't read the Silmarillion.
  8. CON might be linked directly to HP (maybe even armour to a bit). WIS is linked to Cleric magic (or whatever you call it in your edition) in D&D, so maybe priest spells? Possibly bravery but that's not really it. CHA...awkward, but then that's a bit of a mess in D&D anyway.
  9. In E3, ran into that a lot, the dedicated Mage using fireballs goes up rank really fast (could be casting haste spells, which are more cost efficient, but just simpler to batter people with fireballs). Usually have 3 melee fighters, and have to keep swapping out who is first because they get more kills. Walking through a dungeon, walk up to a low level monster, enter combat mode, first fighter hits, end combat mode and the party is a few space away from the monster who can't hit back right away and do it again if needed.
  10. Do you have to type in a response for those? Been ages since I played the game, so I might be totally wrong, but I thought you could get there by asking about "buy" or "sell".
  11. Not sure if the first counts, talking to animals is something you are probably going to try (and some animals are worth talking to). Wizard's familiar off the Isle of Bigail, and a monster in the Slime Caverns in the lab. IIRC, Thought for the Day has serious thoughts in there as well as the random stuff.
  12. Well, if you want if to be very much like E3, just with less talking and post-apocalyptic... I don't suppose anyone knows of a big post-apocalyptic and low dialogue BoE scenario?
  13. Was going to say that D&D was one of the big influences for Exile, but the systems are very different. And yet I'd imagine the way most people run their PCs looks a lot like D&D classes. Probably this is partly cultural, but in large part because it works.
  14. Yeah, second that. Could never really get into any Spiderweb games after BoE, though I've got a few of the first Avernums and Nethergate and played some Geneforge demos.
  15. Huh, cools, have to give that a look, though it's a zillion parts long. Not able to easily play the games myself on my system.
  16. Was that a function of the rubble, or was it just (and I have completely forgetten the BoE terminology) selecting the places where there is rubble as places where a thing to slow the party (or change a timer) would be triggered?
  17. Not to mention, that "Cleopatra" usually refers to the Cleopatra the 9th, but could also refer to any of the previous ones. I would add "The Shareware Demon". And also ask if these are listed from best to worst or the other way around.
  18. Seconding playing BoE, with the caveat that some scenarios are better than others, and it's not easy to keep a consistent difficulty curve between scenarios.
  19. Detect Life was one of those cool spells that wasn't really that useful (like "Scare", say). The idea is nice, in practice no real reason to cast it. Always wondered if it'd be possible to make a BoE scenario and try to recreate that scene from Aliens where they are counting down the range of the movement and it gets inside the room. Never saw a particular problems with sliths. Any monster (or monster type) is going to be too tough is you are too low level, but at some point you'll reach the point where you can defeat them, and later when more or less always will. Those Ruby Skeletons, though. Gah. Never really got into any of the games later than BoE. The earlier ones just seemed more user friendly, I liked the aesthetics more and the later ones seemed more of a grind. Also, graphics harder to mod myself.
  20. I'd recommend checking out the BoE or BoA scenario creators. Not having gotten into Avernum, I've always stuck with BoE myself, apparently it's more limited than BoA, but there's still been some great scenarios made.
  21. Oh, right, yeah, had forgotten that.
  22. Hmmm...one thing about Erika's motivations. Ok, yeah, it seems that she went in for heroic reasons, and when you talk to her she says she opposes destroying the surface in revenge for what was done to her (but then she is under suspicion of monster plaguing, which is a good reason to say that. Even if she is innocent). However, IIRC, she only teleports in if you have her amulet, and you only get her amulet if you go talk to her, and you only do that if you've found her rune and gone around telling people that Erika's rune was in the slime pit. And she was not happy with being framed. She has a purely personal reason for getting involved. Though, personally, I think she was going for a heroic intervention, but I could see an argument made that way. In retrospect, framing Erika wasn't a bright move. Not sure who would be better, though. Stick a few demons in there and frame Linda?
  23. Hmmm, true, not really familiar with E2, and didn't think much of the cloak, though I vaguely remember it. But if they kept it for A3, I guess it's a clue. I thought it was just random loot, like the magic waveblade in Hawke's Manse which, AFAIK, has no explanation for being there.
  24. So, E3 is about monster plagues, and when you defeat a plague you can find something there pointing to one of 3 suspects/factions behind them. And you can go get a relevant magic thingy made if you guess correctly which of them it is. My question is, if you didn't already know, how obvious would it be which of the 3 was behind it all? All 3 have the motive and presumably the means to create monster plagues. I guess you could say that crystal magic was used in both the golems and trog/giant one, whereas the rune and the scales were just left behind for the slimes and the roaches (and there is a wave blade in the Filth Factory). But it still seems very vague to me. (Also, can you go to the bunker and give an answer you've not found evidence for?)
  25. I was going to say I didn't think it mattered, but arrows are more plentiful than bolts, yeah. Though, slings avoid that problem. OTOH, bows, crossbows and slings don't seem terribly useful anyway.
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