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  1. Oh, good catch! Yes, Burkes, is explicitly identified as another lifecrafter.
  2. You've got all the ones I can think of. Note that just like Litalia, Greta was also Shaper-trained, even if she bailed on them before becoming a full Shaper. I don't know if they count, but there's your whole party of prospective, soon-to-be lifecrafters that gets massacred at the start of G4. They haven't used the Geneforge yet, though, so maybe they don't count. If you're going to put Bennhold on the list, then I suppose you could also put a question mark beside Monarch's name, since it's possible he was a rogue lifecrafter. Really, though, Shaila and Jared seems to be the only "true" examples of definite rebel-forged lifecrafters that I can recall.
  3. Need help with servile in GF4, chapter 2

    Your build looks okay. The strategy central thread is a place where we've collected a lot of info people have written about this game, and it includes links to a couple threads discussing servile builds at great length, as well as other discussions of game mechanics that you might find helpful. It's been a while since I played G4 so I don't quite recall exactly where you might be stuck, but in general, when you're stuck in a Geneforge game, it's a good idea to look around for other paths (sometimes an alternative path within a zone, sometimes proceeding to the goal through an entirely different zone). Jeff was really good about providing both combat and stealth / leadership / mechanics means to accomplish nearly any mission.
  4. Triple Slartifer, Part 12 -- New Rules

    Wow, I fail to check the forums for one day and this is the result. *facepalm* Tut tut.
  5. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 3

    Hahahaha! These had me in stitches! They're ridiculously, hilariously, amazing! Thank you for the good laugh.
  6. Geneforge 4 small mods

    1. I have no clue what "trainer mod" you're talking about. 2. What exactly does the mod in this thread DO?
  7. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 2

    Wow. Three of the five worst rated games are Avadon. Is there anyone else *cough*besidesme*cough*who hasn't finished Avadon 3 because they just got bored?
  8. The Terrible Thesaurus Game

    Hahahahaha! First, wow, that's a lot of guesses! Second, wow, we had some of the same ideas for this one. My three guesses for that one were "rainbow road," "pearly gate," and "bright idea." I don't think I would have gotten to "milky" as a synonym of "opalescent" in a hundred years, though. Nicely done!
  9. The Terrible Thesaurus Game

    Congrats, Slarty! How did you (Diki AND Slarty!) connect milky and opalescent??? I mean, doesn't milky = white, and opalescent = multicolored?
  10. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 1

    Aging SW population speculation: I wonder how much this had to do with who Jeff's games appeal to? I mean, I can see adults who grew up playing games in DOS or on the SNES finding more lasting appeal in Spiderweb games than kids who grew up playing the PS2 or something. The market for Jeff's games still exists, it's just gotten older. Or maybe it's just that message board forums like this one is are now an old-school aspect of the internet that don't appeal to the "kids these days" as much other forms of social media? Birth order: what is it about SW that attracts oldest-children in particular? Oh, the driving question! LOL. I really wanted an option for "Cautious and still unsafe" but it wasn't available. Hogwarts houses: wow! That's a crazy majority favorite. Why?
  11. The Grand Spiderweb Poll, 2017 Edition: Demographics & Favorites

    59 responses? Excellent! I feel like the forums are a bit quieter than they were five years ago, so it's neat to see there are still people around to put up a similar response total, even if it doesn't manifest in terms of number of posts in General per day.
  12. The Terrible Thesaurus Game

    So, umm, general question for the audience: is "Io" ever used to mean anything in English besides one of the moons of Jupiter? I'm not sure how the proper name of a moon (or mythological figure, I guess) could have synonyms, but I'm also stumped as to what other possible meaning the word could have.
  13. The Grand Spiderweb Poll, 2017 Edition: Demographics & Favorites

    Really?! Perhaps you have an unfair view of some people if you think "trample minority rights" is a substantial part of what it means to be "socially conservative." Thinking something is wrong doesn't necessarily mean that one hates people who do it or wishes to trample on individual rights.
  14. The Grand Spiderweb Poll, 2017 Edition: Demographics & Favorites

    ZING! Sick burn, bro I know your question specified social views. You said that before. Your definition of liberal on social issues may perfectly encapsulate how self-identified liberals would summarize their views. Well and good. The problem is that I am not a social liberal by literally anyone's definition (be it on abortion, nature of marriage, religion, divorce, or whatever). Except that I identify far more with the definition you provided for socially "liberal" views than with any of the other definitions you offered for social views. Moreover, with my background, I've known a great many people over the years who would identify as "socially conservative" and I've never heard a single one express themselves in terms resembling your definition of "conservative" social views (that is, "it's fair for the government to promote values most people agree on, and to ban or censor things most people agree are bad"). Such a definition does not at all reflect how I would characterize my worldview. Maybe you based your definition on people you've talked to who identify as conservative; whatever your source was, I'm confident you were making a good faith effort to accurately depict people's views. But as one of the few (sole?) "social conservative" folks on these forums, I feel like I might have at least a little standing to discuss how "social conservatives" describe their own views and to critique a definition I find inadequate. In the context of a poll, if you define "social conservative" to mean something that no IRL "social conservatives" believe, no one will answer your poll as "social conservative." I know I didn't - I clicked "Liberal" based on of the definition given; I'd rather choose the definition that fits me better rather that click the empty label society conventionally assigns to me. Maybe the conclusion to draw here, if both socially "liberal" and "conservative" people appreciate the idea of "the government should avoid interfering with personal liberty, and it should uphold minority rights, but some things are just so immoral or socially destructive we can ban those," is that we've misidentified the nature of our disagreements.
  15. The Grand Spiderweb Poll, 2017 Edition: Demographics & Favorites

    There isn't an uproar, Alhoon. You sound more worked up about this than literally anyone else here. The responses you're getting are from people who would happily improve the poll if possible, but who are trying to explain you, the one who sounds worked up (and also to the other user who was so frustrated by the poll as to give up on it entirely!), that the issues you cite are inherent hazards of cross-cultural communication and can't really be "fixed." People want you to know there's no America-centric discrimination going on. Ironically, in light of your comment, you're the one whose responses have come across to us as upset, and we're trying to calm YOU down. That may not be at all what you intended, but it has sort of sounded that way. Maybe we're all just confused about how much any of this bothers each other?