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  1. I've been debating whether to post in this thread for the past month... This is a perfectly valid subjective, personal opinion regarding what makes games "easy" and what provides a "sense of adventure." If one person thinks map markers make a game less fun, and another appreciates map markers, they are both equally right insofar as their individual experience with a game is concerned. The quote is not, however, valid as a sweeping statement about game design. In the first place, we need to define "sense of adventure." The quote seems to equate "adventure" with
  2. Just need to say this thread is amazing. A+, 10/10, would let Ess and Slarty argue again. ^ This is the best part, FYI. While I'm posting, I've been meaning to ask: is "TM Paladin" a reference to the most infamous TM of the Spiderweb forums?
  3. Jeff's got you covered: Nethergate.
  4. Whether some things remain "vague and mysterious" is on totally different axis from whether a story is "lore-heavy" or "lore-light." Consider magic. In a classic example, The Lord of the Rings is vague and mysterious on numerous points, including what is magic, but it would be laughable to call it a "lore-light" story. On the other hand, Brandon Sanderson writes such meticulous magic systems that readers can predict future revelations about what magic can do by analyzing the rules established at the outset. It's fine for a story to explain every last facet of the world with scientific rigor
  5. IIRC, Gladwell's quests in A6 are an all-or-nothing situation. Doing just some of them doesn't affect the game's ending. Only finishing off Gladwell's entire line of quests alters the A6 ending. Specifically, it leads to
  6. For future reference, please don't spam a bunch of short comments that could have easily been combined into one post. Also, the place for a "general complaint" is it's own thread, not a string of off-topic comments in the FAQ/guide thread. Thank you, be nice to the fluffy turtles, and have a pleasant day.
  7. Jeff's games have a long tradition of seemingly random / arbitrary monetary values for items.
  8. The words of a certain Klingon rebel ambassador come to mind here: "Remember this well. There shall be no peace as long as Kirk Khyryk lives!" I experimented with this a fair bit back in the day, and as best I could tell, it is impossible to advance the game as a rebel without killing Khyryk. Whether he lives or dies seemed to be the one and only factor in whether you are treated as a rebel or loyalist upon reaching the Isle of Spears. You may say the most pro-Shaper things imaginable to everyone you meet and slaughter every rebel you find--including every rebel on Gull--but if you then tu
  9. I don't recall there being any trick to beating Rahul. I checked the hintbook and there's no sign there of needing to do anything special to beat Rahul. You just have to keep whacking him and eventually he'll go down for good.
  10. I know there are people who want Shaper records and Shaper equipment. Not sure if there's anything else.
  11. Villain round: Morgoth The White Witch Arawn Death-Lord Lavos (is this basically equivalent to Sweet Meteor O'Death?) Kefka Kylo Ren Khan
  12. Bob the Builder Caillou Clifford the Big Red Dog Wishbone Curious George Sir Topham Hatt Pat Sajak Blaise Pascal
  13. The sad thing is that I'd be sorely tempted to vote for Smaug over Donald. 😂 Let's add Harcourt Fenton Mudd Jean-luc Picard Mary Shelley Abigail Adams Darth Vader R2-D2 Faramir (book version, not film version) Grima Wormtongue Puddleglum Eowyn Marle (a.k.a. Nadia) Frog (a.k.a. Glenn) Lucca Robo (a.k.a. Prometheus) Ayla Magus (a.k.a. Janus)
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