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  1. Avoiding rankings would do much to alleviate my original problems with CSR. I used it exactly as Thuryl described, and it led me nowhere. It was only when I started ignoring the numbers and clicking randomly through the reviews and ignoring certain people's reviews that I found anything, but it was so slap-dash and haphazard that I found myself getting frustrated and stopped.
  2. I much prefer Stareye's lower resolution. I might not avoid CSR if it were arranged with a 1-5 with no decimals. I'd still avoid it entirely if it stayed 1-10 with decimals.
  3. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel While a single quality number can hardly be considered accurate, it's still useful as a vague measure of how good a scenario is. Maybe you're saying the same thing as I am here, but I disagree with the outcome. Yes, knowing that something is rated a 2 gives me the appropriate expectations going in, but I've regularly liked things rated in the 6-7 range and hated things rated in the 9+ range. There seems to be a boundary somewhere near a 3 or a 4, below which the scenarios are different from the scenarios above it, but I can't say that I've ever otherwis
  4. If we continue trying to come up with a single quality number for scenarios, I will continue to stay away from CSR and request that my scenarios (or anything that I have anything to do with) not be on it.
  5. Originally Posted By: *i This is pretty good evidence the current system is working to a large degree. Could it be improved? Yes. Is it broken? I don't see any firm evidence for that. I feel compelled to repeat myself. In my opinion, it's broken. Why? Because I can't find what I'm looking for when using CSR, primarily as a player. Originally Posted By: *i We were not able to reach a consensus then, but we pretty much agreed on a solution that, by and large, worked. It didn't work for me. As a player, I felt that CSR failed me when I was trying to find things. Originally Posted By
  6. No, and since initial reviews influence subsequent reviews, it doesn't end up working out that way even when there are enough.
  7. CSR on SV never made sense to me in the first place. The final number for a CSR rating seems like crap to me. How do you rate a scenario with a single number? I would've played a hell of a lot more BoE scenarios if I could've ever found what I was looking for. My favorite scenario, The Election, was buried down in the 7-ish area, and I don't have any idea how I ever found it in there. Scenarios that I found deeply frustrating were all the way up in the 9's. CSR's numbers concealed more than they revealed, as far as I was concerned. How do you compare Nobody's Heroes, which is a short
  8. I assume that somebody has already pointed out that that name ("Platapi") is an abomination on several fronts. I have mixed feelings about WoT. Stopping at 6 does make sense. I think I'm going to re-read the whole thing this summer, though, in advance of Book 12 coming out (and, as I've alluded to earlier, I do think that Book 12 is going to be good, probably as good as or better than anything since about Book 6).
  9. Now up to 1998 in the X-Books, and I should be moving forward again soon. Also starting on Discworld myself (with The Color of Magic), and I'm tempted by Mistborn. Like many, I first heard of Sanderson when he took over the last book of WoT after Robert Jordan's death, and I read a large chunk of his blog at one point to see where AMoL stands. Seems like a good writer and a neat guy.
  10. Ev: Sounds as though you gave up too soon. The beginning of Legends is somewhat agonizing, and I think the only reason I was able to survive it was that I was too busy trying to figure out what was going on to be too embarrassed for Caramon. You need to get to Istar before it gets good, and when it gets good, it gets significantly better than Chronicles ever was. Pitchblack: Whew, the War of Souls trilogy. Not their best effort.
  11. The thing that I liked about Dragonlance (at least the Weis and Hickman books) is that, while the characters were obviously designed by committee to be certain archetypes, they were not shallow. Raistlin Majere, for instance, clearly comes from the "sympathetic villain with a good streak" and "mysterious dark mage" archetypes, but simply knowing that doesn't tell you who Raistlin is. I think a lot of people just see that the characters are drawn from archetypes and immediately think that they are cliche, and then their brains shut off and they don't notice any of the subtleties. I started
  12. I'm finally up through the Age of Apocalypse (1995) in the X-Books. Most of the major series (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Cable, X-Force, even X-Factor) have been pretty great in the early '90s, but Excalibur really tanked after it stopped being funny around #60 or so. I'm hoping that a series with Nightcrawler and Shadowcat can't be boring for long, though. Age of Apocalypse is quite enjoyable, and I have high hopes for the X-Man series. Nate Grey seems pretty cool, though you probably need the Cable/Cyclops/Jean Grey/Sinister context to get why.
  13. I didn't actually set out to fix any bugs in Exodus. I just got a bug report from a player that was specific enough that I could easily locate the problem. And I guess Jeff's suggestion some while back about what causes UE's gave me a better idea of what to look for. So I wouldn't get over-excited.
  14. I don't know if this is common knowledge (been out of the loop in BoA for a while), but you can cause an Unhandled Exception in Windows if you erase a character who doesn't exist, even though you don't get an error if you do the same on a Mac. I think this is the cause of some of those lingering UE's in Exodus. A player was finally able to help me track down one and isolate the problematic section of code. As soon as he verifies a fix, I'll have out a new version of Exodus that should fix at least some of the UE's.
  15. In my X-Books survey, I'm up through the Battle of Muir Island (1991-ish). Freakin' awesome.
  16. I was deep into Arthurian legend at one point, and I'd suspect that there wasn't anything that you could really call pre-Christian Arthurian legend. The core story of King Arthur is that he fought off the Saxons in roughly the 6th century. That means that Arthur was a Roman just after the collapse of the Empire and would've been a Christian. If you postulate an antecedent story (or historical figure), you'd have to change the core plotline so much that it wouldn't really be King Arthur anymore. Now, that said, the Holy Grail bit wasn't always there, and the same with many of the other Chr
  17. Still working through the X-Books. Turns out that you can get trade paperbacks of most of the early parts of each X-series, and you can fill in the gaps with cheap used comics. I'm seeing them go at about $1-2 per comic on some sites, and that's for comics that are older than I am. Old-school Excalibur must've been the last gasp of Chris Claremont at his peak. I hear his more recent stint at Marvel did not meet with the same acclaim, but even through the end of the '80s, he was doing good work.
  18. A nice ideal, sort of, but when there've been literally thousands of pages of preceding text, it's pretty hard to write a satisfying stand-alone that also continues the story. I've been having a hell of a time recently with non-stand-alone stories, because I've been trying to read the X-Men comics from start to mid-1990's. Only problems are the cross-overs and extra X-Titles and limited runs. I really just want to read Legionquest with full context, but to do that requires tracking the entire history of Legion, and (much worse) the entire history of Professor X and Magneto.
  19. Quote: Originally written by Drew: the firesphere from Book 3(?) Given that it was the Kalte Firesphere, yes, it had to have been from Book 3.
  20. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: Just... don't think too hard about the racial undertones in some of them. (Undertones? Ha ha. More like overtones.) Joe Dever's probably a BNP voter now. I took it as typical fantasy fare; Tolkien's just as bad or worse, and that's trickled down into lots of other authors as a result.
  21. I just re-read the Lone Wolf books. They were my original introduction to fantasy literature at about age 5, and they're now free online at Project Aon . Freakin' awesome.
  22. I do still check this site from time to time. I'll probably be around a little more in a month or two, but this semester has really killed me with work and stuff. But if anyone would like to organize the bugs list or create a new post that covers more, there's nothing stopping you. The only reason my post is the definitive one right now is that it's the only effort anyone has made to be comprehensive.
  23. Heh. A quick search on "puzzle box" via the UBB should answer that question. In short, I think the answer is that it doesn't do anything.
  24. Quote: Originally written by Excalibur: Edit: Version 6.0? That's strange. There have been five of these threads prior to this one.
  25. As far as I can tell, terrains 172 and 173 (in addition to being mis-named) default to not showing up on the automap. I tried to add the line te_draw_on_automap = 1; but this did not seem to help. Their graphics are properly set. Can anyone figure out what the problem with these terrains is?
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