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  1. We sure need bees. I hope they will survive and flourish.
  2. Hail to the mighty Solberg! Thanks for putting money in for Queen's Wish. Thanks to people like you, the kickstarted worked out really well from all I reckon. Solberg as a lorry driver. Why not, why not. With Cheeseball in the handkerchief compartment and spells on the go!
  3. Lost cause it is. They hates ya forever, I've been told. Same thing happened to me and permanently ruined my cloth/herb courier career. Stupid bigot countryside militia. They don't know what they're missing out there. Occasional message about you feeling weird and paranoid. Nothing more to my knowledge
  4. I don't think I ever went this deep into it but do think that it gives depth and substance to include these kind of questions in the games. Makes you think, wonder, care, get involved, makes this world more real and alive. The poor buggers are sent to this miserable and dangerous existence that will presumably make their lives short, painful and with little to expect, sometimes for things that shouldn't even be punished at all by any semi-modern human standards and rights. Yet they fight on, find hope, use what they have, use their stealth, disguise and resourcefulness when they don't have the brute strength, do anything in order to get by, they don't give up. They survive and fight back. Ability to survive and unquenchable thirst for freedom, this is what just about anybody admires in another being. They oppress you, they try to fool you, they break their promises, they despise you, they try to make you a slave with no will, but no, don't let the bastards grind you down, believe in yourself and your comrades. Always powerful stuff.
  5. Great! No telling how this will turn out and what all will come out of this. I'm not sure how that sounded, but it's a good thing! Way to go! Interesting context... I wonder what Freud & C:o would say about mother complexes and such... what happened to the king etc? Look forward to finding out! Recommended a scroll of absolution to a friend... and made a post on my blog. Good luck
  6. I think it was a stupid barbarian (naked fighter tank) and some sort of hapless healer I think, 2 guy party. Didn't get far but tried this a couple of ties with a little tweaking. At least it was fun and different!
  7. This could make a return in some new game, you know. Have a sword that you wield that shoots icy rain or whatever, put the icy rain in your quick use slot. When there's 0 charges left it's still usable as a sword, and then you could go and re-charge it to a sage or somebody. I'd love that!
  8. Oh! That is it! Why didn't I look to the east of Ghikra at all? It's right there! Must've been unconcentrated / ignorant at some point, there probably was a clue or something too. Much thanks for the efficient troubleshooting! Now to proceed
  9. I have dealt with all the monster plagues, golems and alien beasts too. Been under Tinraya, the crystal souls persuaded me not to destroy them. Was that a huge mistake? I finally got Berra to believe my evidence as well. I've been to the Bunker and received a crystal thingy earlier. Anaximander doesn't say anything new. I've been harassing Prazac and Erika back and forth, delivered the messages and received Her boon. Obtained beastslayer blade.. I mean warpblade thing from the dragons earlier on. I've recently checked the tower of magi too just in case Solberg pulls something out of his pants or something. I have nothing left on the quest list except unicorn horns and stuff like that. I think the last thing Anaximander said was I should check Ghikra. Did that, did everything there, the place is empty now. No reaction though. I guess that's where my progress halted. I can't figure out what I should do...
  10. Isn't there a crystal soul in the defiled crypt which gives you vahnatai lore? The other one does bad stuff to you. You did get that one, right? Just checking because that's the closest and most obvious way.
  11. I don't recall a seed corn item either though. The closest thing I can think of is a bag of meal and that's kinda far-fetched.
  12. Keep of Tinraya sewers, NW corner. I just know Jeff Vogel had a Vahnatai TV room in mind when he made this. There's the TV chair, the awesome telly, and right to your left in arm's reach a place for beverages, popcorn, nachos, hamburgers, the remote, you name it. Best place to be in Valorim! Good privacy especially. I'm gonna move there instead of Hawke's Manse.
  13. Gotta like the Predator idea though. Alien Beast vs. Predator, anybody? I love all the foreshadowing in Avernum. Huge bonus to atmosphere. Of course, referencing the past also. It works both ways.
  14. Does Squiggus ever forgive me, with time, if I raise my reputation, if I save the world far ahead enough, or by any means at all? I had to leave a bazillion fine clothings at Vincent's inn - I hope he wears them sometimes. And I failed to make a message delivery to Squiggus or some job of that type. Also, this quits my many years of lurking. My sanity was left at the porch long ago. Actually, I dropped it off in some other place, back in... 1996 or 1997.
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