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    Defiled Crypt Questions

    Isn't there a crystal soul in the defiled crypt which gives you vahnatai lore? The other one does bad stuff to you. You did get that one, right? Just checking because that's the closest and most obvious way.
  2. Losrandir

    Seed corn?

    I don't recall a seed corn item either though. The closest thing I can think of is a bag of meal and that's kinda far-fetched.
  3. Keep of Tinraya sewers, NW corner. I just know Jeff Vogel had a Vahnatai TV room in mind when he made this. There's the TV chair, the awesome telly, and right to your left in arm's reach a place for beverages, popcorn, nachos, hamburgers, the remote, you name it. Best place to be in Valorim! Good privacy especially. I'm gonna move there instead of Hawke's Manse.
  4. Gotta like the Predator idea though. Alien Beast vs. Predator, anybody? I love all the foreshadowing in Avernum. Huge bonus to atmosphere. Of course, referencing the past also. It works both ways.
  5. Losrandir

    A3:RW squiggus hates me

    Does Squiggus ever forgive me, with time, if I raise my reputation, if I save the world far ahead enough, or by any means at all? I had to leave a bazillion fine clothings at Vincent's inn - I hope he wears them sometimes. And I failed to make a message delivery to Squiggus or some job of that type. Also, this quits my many years of lurking. My sanity was left at the porch long ago. Actually, I dropped it off in some other place, back in... 1996 or 1997.