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    Sunday Topic - Ozone

    Boggle, I don't think Slarty was talking about you. And I'm with Alo here. There isn't a lot you can learn from a debate if it isn't done in good faith.
  2. Wiz

    Brigandage - Another AIMHack Campaign

    Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES "chess piece," c.1300, from O.Fr. roc, from Arabic rukhkh, from Pers. rukh, of unknown meaning, perhaps somehow related to the Indian name for the piece, rut, from Hindi rath "chariot." Confused in M.E. with roc. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?search=rook&searchmode=none (from just about the least untrustworthy of all the armchair etymology sources out there, which is saying something but not much) Wikipedia also seems to buy the chariot theory for rooks, although it does mention a few cases where the names are switched in India: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_chess#Early_history Anyway, this makes more sense to me. Chariots moving in a straight line, elephants being surprisingly awkward in a melee. The Rook is still called a Chariot in at least a few of the Indian languages. Ditto with the Bishop and the Elephant. So thats quite possibly true.
  3. Wiz

    I Improved the Spiderweb Software Message Boards

    Originally Posted By: The Mystic Originally Posted By: The Ratt since when does anything related to modern sports have a point? If there ever was a point for any sporting event, it's pretty much gone now. It seems to me that they've all devolved into nothing more than an excuse to get together with a group of rowdy people (friends or otherwise), consume a good percentage of one's weight in beer and junk food, and act like a complete idiot. I find this rather offensive.
  4. Wiz

    WC 2010

    Originally Posted By: Reduced-Fat Electrum —Alorael, who mostly feels a combination of sadness for Mexico over the atrociously bad call they got ... Are you speaking of the offside call that resulted in a disallowed goal?
  5. Originally Posted By: Ephesos I find it hard to imagine an army built out of food. Clearly, you haven't heard of the Infernal Flaming Muffins!
  6. Wiz

    Housekeeping: Revised Blades of Avernum Ratings System

    Originally Posted By: *i I would rather the fifth tier be reserved for any exceptional scenarios Why not name it 'Exceptional' then? This would also let you use 'Very Good' or 'Great' for 4 as suggested by some, without any ambiguity as to which is better.
  7. Wiz

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    Originally Posted By: Zero's Therapy ... whose origins are Polish, Singaporean, and Tamil ... Tamil is an Indian language. I believe it is widely spoken in Singapore too. So maybe a common origin there. Also, the name Shanker is common in other Indian languages as well, with several variations of spelling. And while we are on the subject, Shanti and Rahul from Geneforge are Indian names as well (which is not to say that they are exclusively Indian).
  8. Wiz

    Geneforge 5, says registration code is invalid

    I know that. I'm not saying it made sense, just that it sounded like he was referring to it.
  9. Wiz

    Geneforge 5, says registration code is invalid

    I think there was a confusion over the term registration initially. There are certain software which require you to register as a customer on their website to get additional benefits like auto updates. It sounds like Earth2025 was originally referring to it. However, i am as baffled as you as to what he's been trying to say since.
  10. Wiz

    Random idea....

    On second thoughts, yes, it is!
  11. Wiz

    Random idea....

    Originally Posted By: Arancaytar Geneforge no, but I wrote part of a Vahnatai novel for Nanowrimo once. It is rather mediocre. It is not.
  12. Wiz

    The treatment of NPCs

    Mass Invulnerability can't shield you from petrifying gaze though. The cloak of invisibility can.
  13. Wiz

    [Request] Character Build

    Maybe, but he needs to remember that there are other view points, opinions and perspectives than his own.
  14. Wiz

    Avernum movie

    In terms of story, the trilogy is awesome. That said, i'm not sure if its good movie material.
  15. Wiz

    Geneforge 5: Overthrow - June Update

    Depends on how you would refer to a Fyora.