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  1. Originally Posted By: *i I would rather the fifth tier be reserved for any exceptional scenarios Why not name it 'Exceptional' then? This would also let you use 'Very Good' or 'Great' for 4 as suggested by some, without any ambiguity as to which is better.
  2. Originally Posted By: Zero's Therapy ... whose origins are Polish, Singaporean, and Tamil ... Tamil is an Indian language. I believe it is widely spoken in Singapore too. So maybe a common origin there. Also, the name Shanker is common in other Indian languages as well, with several variations of spelling. And while we are on the subject, Shanti and Rahul from Geneforge are Indian names as well (which is not to say that they are exclusively Indian).
  3. I know that. I'm not saying it made sense, just that it sounded like he was referring to it.
  4. I think there was a confusion over the term registration initially. There are certain software which require you to register as a customer on their website to get additional benefits like auto updates. It sounds like Earth2025 was originally referring to it. However, i am as baffled as you as to what he's been trying to say since.
  5. On second thoughts, yes, it is!
  6. Originally Posted By: Arancaytar Geneforge no, but I wrote part of a Vahnatai novel for Nanowrimo once. It is rather mediocre. It is not.
  7. Mass Invulnerability can't shield you from petrifying gaze though. The cloak of invisibility can.
  8. Maybe, but he needs to remember that there are other view points, opinions and perspectives than his own.
  9. In terms of story, the trilogy is awesome. That said, i'm not sure if its good movie material.
  10. Depends on how you would refer to a Fyora.
  11. Originally Posted By: Ghaldring .... then Jeff should cease and desist. I'm sure he was eagerly awaiting your decision on what he should do!
  12. As for the graphics 'making sense', it probably depends on which game you started with!
  13. Not sure what you mean by 'you'll lose all the items lying around'. The items that went missing are the ones that i had stashed in different towns. For example, the ones i had collected at the entrance in Dillame. I have pretty much completed the Fens, including killing Monarch, after my system crashed. And i use the quicksave usually. So the last saved file i have, which was not overwritten is at the beginning of the fens. I remember the towns were i had stashed my items. Is there any way i can copy the data for items stored in those areas alone? The error message makes me think th
  14. I've been experiencing some problems with my laptop recently. Once, it crashed while Geneforge 4 was running. I was able to get the game to work after i restarted my machine. But later on, when i visited certain areas where i had some items stored, i got a 'corrupted data in stored items' error and all the stored items were removed. I had already progressed quite a bit by that time and the last saved game i have is pretty old. Is there any way i can copy the stored items from a previous save file to the current one?
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