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Question on Party Build for Newcomer to Series A2:CS

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Posted 26 February 2017 - 04:41 PM #71 Question on Party Build for Newcomer to Series A2:CS

View PostFoumantoo, on 26 February 2017 - 02:17 PM, said:

Hi Lilith,
One last time I want your opinion on Sage Lore, Vahanatai Lore vs. Arcane Lore. I have restarted on Hard and am able to try different things with some testing of course, but testing stuff through the editor is really not a fun immersive experience.
13 Arcane Lore for all spells and Resistance buff?
3/4 people taking Sage Lore with 2 Arcane Lore for basic requirement in beginning of game for Ritual ( or whatever) Spell?

I would say both of those are reasonable options, and you can make your own choice between them based on personal preference -- basically, decide how much it would bug you to miss out on some stuff and act accordingly.


If going with the 13, at which point do I really need to go past the beginning 2 points?

You'll want 5 points before you get on the boat at the end of chapter 1, and you probably want to get to 13 by around the start of chapter 4 if not sooner. (The game throws up great big honkin' chapter title messages at the start of every chapter so you know which one you're in.)


I am having tough battles early here and wondering if I should be putting more initial points in defensive (Hardiness,Resistance etc). Maybe taking points after the early"demo" area? Or does the extra few defensive points for melee fighter and mage/priest spell points really matter in making early fights a little less ass kicking?

As a general rule, throwing as many points as you can into Hardiness is almost never a bad idea. Parry's not bad either.

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