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  1. Will start brewing energy potions then. In fact I was having a bit of mana troubles in long dungeons. Thanks.
  2. I've got loads of herbs, including graymold, but never used them as can be seen below: https://www.dropbox....194635.jpg?dl=0 Only had to use 3 pieces of graymold to make a salve once. Are there any uses for these except for potions? I never really use potions so they've just been stacking up in my inventory. And is there any use for "fine steel"? Also got loads of but never found use for it yet. Thanks!
  3. Foumantoo - if you don't mind I've also got another question which I don't think merits another thread. If you haven't went down into the Dark Waters then don't read the spoiler. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! For some reason I thought the left side of the skill tree pertained to mages only, whilst priests followed the second branch.
  5. Do Priests benefit from spellcraft? For offensive spells I mean, like Smite.
  6. Do the skill levels of Arcane Lore stack together from a group perspective? e.g. having 2 mages with 3 points each in AL is equal to having 1 mage with 6 points in it? Thanks!
  7. This was an awesome mod! Just a headsup, my game crashed on the ending slides and I had to reinstall the base game (without installing this graphic enhancement) in order to be able to see the end slides.
  8. Yes thank you. Also there was a servile sect who got their hands on magic which also highlights what happens when there's no regulation. I joined the Barzhites in the end. No way would I have chosen the Takers of course. The awakened also made sense to me but I figured that if I don't get my hands on powerful creations there will be no one who can stop the Takers (except perhaps the Barzhites). I'm already a bit pro-shaper in fact. Destroying a school was very ISISesque. Yeah I'm going as fast as I can given I have 4 days off work thanks to a public and bridged holiday. Once t
  9. Thanks for the split - I'll go read the other thread when I'm finished with the series. I've just reached Dhonal's Isle in G3. You're right re. the laws. Although I still think if you make creations who are capable of independent thought you shouldn't use them as slaves. Also, I end up abusing the shaper laws anyway to get my hands on the powerful creations.
  10. Thank you all for replying. Unfortunately, I can't read 70% of this thread as from a quick skim it seems there are a lot of spoilers! In any case, I've nearly finished G2 now - just entered Benerii-Uss. Such a fun game (Gazers + Eyebeast FTW! I initially thought I made a poor choice when compared to the Drakons, but now I'm eating Drakons for lunch). Looking forward to playing G3 through to G5 within the next few months.
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