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Shock Trooper Tales


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I'm running a missle shock trooper with initially fire shaping creations and later magic shaping. No canister usage and only shaper approved creations. This won't be an optimized build, but should be powerful enough to get by with the limited magic abilities. Of course I'll steal everything but the kitchen sink, since a girl's got to have money to buy the finer things in life.


Chapter 1 - The Forsaken Lands


Cordy was a naive girl that fell for the Rebel recruitment stories and found herself cast ashore at the Rebel docks with that arrogant jerk Tyrol and that coward Magda under the command of Greta. Fleeing from the Shaper raiders she reached the safety of Southforge Citadel. Eager to help repel the invaders she used the Geneforge only to endure it's intense anguish. This made her resolve never to use the canisters that could warp her even more. Raising her mechanics to 6 and her leadership to 4 she strolled through the testing area killing the worms and other creations left behind by the raiders. She helped out that twerp Jared get his locked door opened, but shunned his reward. She did help herself to the few coins he had since she deserved something for her efforts. She went back to the docks and gathered up everything that was left behind including from the locked boxes.


Talking to Greta she went to talk to the prisoner, Agent Miranda, and tricked her into revealing the Shaper Camp location. She helped Dassa with the mines, calmed Torchlight, found where the stolen supplies were stashed and looted everything that wasn't being watched. With fire shaping at 7 and more leadership she created her first cryoa Frost and the two set out to see the Forsaken Lands and find the madwoman Shaila. After clearing the Citadel Gates, she ordered the thahds to patrol the area to protect her work. She explored the Boiling Mudpits and after tricking the thahd she killed it with some icy crystals. The roamer was next and then she deactivated the mines and electrified fields to get the reflecting shield, coated cloak, and discipline wand. She even ventured to the Boiling Caverns to unlock the doors. With her mechanics now at 8 and a point for luck she finished the mines and returned to Southforge Citadel. She exchanged her chitin armor for that nice spidersilk robe.


Going south into Crenshaw Dells she dazed the creations and chased Tycho until he yeilded to her superiority. Looting the area she reported Tycho killed and got her next mission. Clearing the Shardfield of the worms, thahds, artila, and fyoras she helped Dinitia explore the area. On to the Shaper Camp where she figured why not take all their supplies to help her cause. While there she blessed and protected herself and Frost and killed the battle alpha with 2 icy crystals and a shot from the discipline wand. The glaahk followed next and lasted to a second round. Crowley paid her for saving Tycho and gave her that nice stability bauble.


Then it was off to clear the Forsaken Docks from Shaila's creations and the serviles that tended them. A few dazes and the cryoa killing each tender and it was soon over. She died a few times when she strayed too close to the next group, Selling off the loot she now increased her intelligence and created another cryoa Rime. The threesome defeated Shaila's creations and convinced her to go to the Shapers. Getting her reward from General Crowley she decided to wait on informing Greta while she thought things over. Another point of intelligence and missle weapons helped her clear the Sinkhole Bridge and rescue the Rebel scouts. Then it was clearing the battle alphas from Chickweed Bridge and the mines. That jerk Burkes was good enough to teach her spellcraft and augmentation when she raised her leadership to 6. The drayk was troublesome since the cryoa missed once and she barely killed it after a few tries.


Therile Colony was next and she followed Yves to his stash and killed him when he finally spotted her. Trell was easily cowwed and robbed. Then Mercadia was looted and her mission taken. Finally she returned to the Citadel to claim her rewards. She stopped by the Cells and killed the Maddened Servile and the glaahk, Then it was on to escort the Caravan to the Cairn Gates.


Sinkhole Bridge had been cleared, but she still had to clear the Spirefield. The fyoras fell first, then the Shapers and their venom turrets, then the artilas, and finally the rats. Looting the fallend bodies she even found a servile lying under a bush past the rats with a fiery wand. She picked up the nimble belt, but her cryoa had a hard time biting the shade so she killed it with her stolen venom baton. Escorting the caravan, she had her cryoas out in front to get the pyroroamers.


The dumping pit was a grind, but she got through and cleared it out for her reward. The money was enough to get a second spellcraft from Burkes and then she sold him out for his attitude. Then it was on to clear Cairn Gates of Lethos and his creations with a few spray crystals. The guards were dazed and killed. Determined that no one would suffer the pain of the Geneforge she turned the caravan over to the tentacles of the vlish.


Level 14, health 117, essence 51/115, spell energy 202, skill points 2

Strength 4, dexterity 2, intelligence 6 (+1), endurance 3

melee weapons 3, missle weapons 4, quick action 1, parry 1

battle magic 1, mental magic 2, blessing magic 1, spellcraft 2

fire shaping 7, battle shaping 2, magic shaping 1, healing craft 3

leadership 7, mechanics 8, luck 1 (+1)


Equipment - spidersilk robe, steel shield, steel sword, venom baton, shaped boots, gauntlets, coated cloak, swamp pants, chilling band, stability bauble, girdle of intelligence, lucky charm, fyora fang charm. Saving all the pods and spores except for battle and shielding pods.


I sold some gemstones and red crystals to raise money early for spellcraft. I still have 20+ icy crystals and a few spray crystals. Saving up essence for augmentation for Cordy and the next creations in chapter 3.


On to Illya and the safehouse.

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Chapter 2 - Illya Province


Cordy and her two cryoas, Frost and Rime, crossed into Illya and faced the Eastern Checkpoint. With her fake passage papers it was no problem and she even sweet talked Rutenberg (leadership 7) into giving her a blue spore baton. Urbana was also easily convinced to lower her prices for her important customer. As she explored she unfortunately ran into Agent Miranda with her two more powerful creations. So she was force to agree to going to see General Alwan. She then used her baton to remove the mines blocking her from the storage area.


She explored Sandros Mine next and convinced the Forgotten One to give her safe passage, Just to be sure, she killed all the shades in the main passage and north part of the mine to find a puresteel ring. Then it was back to the checkpoint to kill that Radiant Cyroa and the clawbugs. Off to the south she deactivated the mines and killed the spawner in Uchitelle's Groves. Delivering the package wasn't worth much so Cordy looted the place. Adding a level to spellcraft.


She the returned to Sandros Mine to turn off the power spires and kill the Parasitic Shade. The cryoas were getting tired of having to bite undead. With anvil cleared she went back to Uchitelle for her rewards,


Adding to her leadership they went into the Secured Crossroads. It wasn't hard to persuade Sandia (leadership 8) to return to Rutenberg. Deactivating the various mines gave plenty of loot. The tatooed servile got some friends that easily died and the roamer packs gave some nifty nimble sandals. She headed west and cleared the Swarmed Woods most of the way before getting Blackrabbit and helping him reach the Illya Safehouse. At the Safehouse another level of mechanics helped with the mines as she looted the place. She'd show them not to appreciate her work.


Then it was back to clear the Circle of the Drayk of those crazy cultists. First the west side, then another trip up the middle to remove that poor drayk, and a last trip to clear the east side. She helped Reiner escape and remove the obstacles to his path. Rutenberg rewarded her for the return of his serviles.


Now it was time for the big city, Dillame. Unlocking all the doors and taking almost everything she could find helped pile up the money. She smashed the canister for Drewey and flattered the mayor for luck. Then it was on to see General Alwan in Rivergate Keep and collect the reward for betraying the caravan. While there she looted most of the place picking up the lodestone greaves to wear. Shaper Mars took her order to kill the rebels and she betrayed Drewey for the reward. Her standing with the Shapers earned her lots of rewards to sell off.

Fackler gave her the gauntlets of succor for all those stupid research notebooks.


A point of strength and a level of blessing magic would help with the next area. Clearing Dillame Fields of those creations. She convinced Captain Herat to give her his supplies.


The bandits fell to her charms and she killed them for doubting her, Jadetree agreed to a deal with Master Drex. The pesky vlish had a few nice items and there was that cache. After Master Drex paid for her job with the bandits, she went back to kill them for their loot. After all they were bandits.


She cleared the clawbugs from the south part of West Illya Road. The skipped north to do the Electrified fields removing the mines and using the spore boxes to work her way through.


Then it was down to Purity Workshop B and using the controls to get through the west side to loot and pick up the tinker's gloves. The rogue creations went down to cryoa breath and daze. The kiln ruby got her the skien of wisdom. Now she went back and got the infiltrator's tunic in Dillame, cleared the last trapped boxes in Upper Southforge Citadel for the girdle of genius, and looted the chest in Uchitelle's grove. Raising intelligence and mental magic another level each.


Exploring North Illya Woods, she got the vlish. Rocky Point was full of roamers that dazed and died. They rescued the trapped rebels for the Shaper loot. Reporting the job to Lilly, she then sold her out for the guardian stone necklace. Then it was down to get through the traps in the Warded Sea Cave and pick up the oozing blade. Finally it was time to loot the Western Barrier Zone and Thornton for all they were worth. Killing Kazoo and Mythitus.


She raised intelligence and leadership before going to trick the thahd patrol in West Illya Road and then kill them. That made it easy to help the escaping serviles and daze the guards. That Captain's shiv would be useful latter on for blessing magic. Now it was time to help out Shaftoe deal with his troubles for a reward, then on to Eliza who didn't give her a reward. This allowed her to do convince Moseh to accept the repairs without a fight. Then she cleared the area above his bunker.


Sneaking through Turabi Gates, she talked to Trint about Master Drex coming through. Cleared the four corners of loot and monster. Then leaving the cryoas behind in the clawbug lair, she hasted herself and snuck into the gatehouse for the captain's boots and the essence infused skin.


After claiming all the rewards from Alwan and Pirik she could now cross into the the Fens of Aziraph. Gretchen gave her a tinker's bauble for all those melted sand pieces.


Level 27, health 70, essence 366/430, spell energy 755, skill points 2

Strength 5, dexterity 2 (+3), intelligence 10 (+5), endurance 3 (-2)

melee weapons 3, missle weapons 4, quick action 1, parry 1 (+1)

battle magic 1, mental magic 4 (+1), blessing magic 3 (+4), spellcraft 4

fire shaping 7 (+1), battle shaping 2, magic shaping 1, healing craft 3 (+2)


Equipment - spidersilk robe, steel shield, oozing blade, acid baton, nimble sandals, gauntlets of suucor, fyoraskin cloak, lodestone greaves, chilling band, guardian stone, girdle of genius, lucky charm, fyora fang charm, cryoa claw charm, clawbug charm, physician's charm, and gruesome charm.


Alternate equipment tinker's gloves and bauble, infiltrator's cloak and tunic, clover boots, captain's boots and shiv.

Saving all the pods and spores except for battle and shielding pods.


On to the fens and making some kyshakks with all the essence.

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Chapter 3 - The Fens


Using the pass from Alwan, Cordy goes first up the Western Rise and into the Shaper Camp Gamma to pick up some quests. Shaper Darnell increases her spellcraft as well as teaching her strong daze, major heal and creating kyshakks. Now she can add two kyshakks, Shocker and Sparker, to her growing army. After looting and getting General Crowley to help the refugees it back south and on to the Eastern Rise to loot and kill bandits.


Into the Golem's Fens and first to kill the vlish and then the mines to get to the golem. After that it's the clawbugs and rats before heading into Rebel Camp Aziraph. Talking to Mose about the refugees, Greta about her mission, and then Jared about the lab before going to kill the rats and loot the place. Back to the fens and into the workshop. Killing the rothgroth is easy with speed spores and blessing to help out the army. Then it's loot and leave. Jared cuts his prices and Captain Archibald provides training. The rotgroth's tooth makes part of a mental focus charm.


Then I go back and make Eliza pay for not giving a reward. That agent cloak and the mindwarp seal from Pirik for killing her make up for her rudeness. This makes the party ready to go and clear Sandros Mines. With an army it's easy to clear the Imprisoned Soul and the Soul Twins using mass energize, but the old golem cost Cordy Rime the cryoa before he collapse. The Forgotten One has that nice Shaper's Trueweave to replace the spidersilk robe.


Back to the Fens to rescue Cantor from the rogue creations of the Southwest Fens. Then back across it to reach Southern Grosch to find the eight lost serviles. Down into the Pit to destroy the warped creator and the packs of rogues patroling the area. Finally a meet with Khyryk and a return to claim her rewards.


Now to go after Monarch, Picking up three servile techs, they go through the Northern Fens through the electrified fields into Northern Grosch. Down through Monarch's old home and deactivating all the traps. Finally Monarch is confronted and destroyed for making her go through all that mud. Then it's back to the top to kill all of his creations and loot.


Greta gets Monarch's notes and gives her a mental focus charm.

It's time to learn how to create a wingbolt from Shaper Darnell and get the missions to go north into Burwood from both sides.


Level 35, health 82, essence 134/622, spell energy 1091, skill points 5

Strength 5, dexterity 3 (+3), intelligence 12 (+5), endurance 3 (-2)

melee weapons 5, missle weapons 4, quick action 4, parry 4 (+1)

battle magic 1, mental magic 5 (+2), blessing magic 4 (+4), spellcraft 6 (+2)

fire shaping 7 (+1), battle shaping 2, magic shaping 7, healing craft 6 (+1)


Equipment - shaper's trueweave, shaped shield, oozing blade, acid baton, nimble sandals, gloves of the hammer, agent cloak, lodestone greaves, mindwarp seal, guardian stone, girdle of genius, lucky charm, fyora fang charm, cryoa claw charm, clawbug charm, physician's charm, gruesome charm, and 2 mental focus charms.


Alternate equipment - captain's boots and shiv, tinker's bauble and gloves, infiltrator's cloak and tunic, volcanic fetish, and shapers robe.


On to Burwood.

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Aw, I was really enjoying reading your shocktrooper tales. I'm only on my very first run through of Geneforge 4 and am playing an infiltrator. It was fascinating reading your strategy and where you put your points. Did you ever finish Cordy's game? Also, keeping your same creations throughout the game is over-attached roleplay at its finest in this game; I've somehow managed to keep the same fyora I made in the tutorial alive and an aid to me and I'm in the middle of Chapter 4 now. It's got health like a boss but only dishes out 70 fire damage at its best. Although you seem to have a penchant for giving yours exceedingly appropriate names. Vlindaloo is such an awesome name for a Vlish.


In summary, thanks for posting as much as you did, I enjoyed reading it. If you ever posted anything else I would love to see it.

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I looked at my old game and saw that I was halfway through Burwood when I stopped playing. I seem to have done the west half so I must have done the 5 Shaper Infiltrator quests and killed them for the Rebels. The last saved game was leaving Matala's zone.


I don't know why I stopped.

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