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  1. Thank you, Lilith and Earth Empires, I have been up the spiral staircase but found nothing but a solitary guard there and missed those double doors by the side the three times I was up there. Attention to detail, right? Anyway, thank you again for the prompt replies! Now Khalida can get some sort of closure
  2. Hello Spiderweb forums! It's nice to finally write something that is not on a dead Geneforge thread, but it is rather embarrasing that this is my first foray. Anyway, here it goes: I am on Khalida's quest and have the prompt to confront Xenophon in Troezen. When I arrived in his hall Khalida informs Yannick and I that Xenophon will not have gone far and must still be around. Accordingly, I have searched every single building in town, all over the Troezen map, into the workshop, and traveled to Foresight to inquire around there if anyone had seen Xenophon lately (apparently you cannot actua
  3. Aw, I was really enjoying reading your shocktrooper tales. I'm only on my very first run through of Geneforge 4 and am playing an infiltrator. It was fascinating reading your strategy and where you put your points. Did you ever finish Cordy's game? Also, keeping your same creations throughout the game is over-attached roleplay at its finest in this game; I've somehow managed to keep the same fyora I made in the tutorial alive and an aid to me and I'm in the middle of Chapter 4 now. It's got health like a boss but only dishes out 70 fire damage at its best. Although you seem to have a penchant
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