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Need help with game installation

Master Shake

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I have a problem that is preventing me from installing any spidweb games on my computer. I am able to download the games (Geneforge, Avernum I, and, <gasp>, even Avernum 3 when its out).


The problem comes when I double click on the downloaded file "Averdemo" -- a small window appears that says "Initializing setup," then a big window pops up that says "Avernum Demo Installer." However, this disappears immediately, and I can proceed no further with the installation process.


I would greatly appreciate any help with this problem. My computer runs Windows 98. Please respond if you know the solution, or just have a suggestion that I could try.


Thanks guys.

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you could also try and wait an insane amount of time (a while back installations to ages for me to do (of course I could just close the prog that was causing the prob with alt-ctrl-del but then I couldnt uninstall the program later on...)


Also if you didnt use a download manager you could check the file sizes to see if you have the whole thing (and if you dont have a download manager eg. getright, I would suggest you get one if you plan on downloading from the net often smile )

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From the poster formerly known as stinkification (I changed my name after last night's Adult Swim):


Thanks for the advice so far, but none of it seems to help.


--I closed everything I could in the ctrl-alt-del window, but that didn't help.


--The big installation window that pops up is only on screen for an instant, way too quick to see whats behind it.


--My antivirus comes up clean -- maybe I need to update it, since a virus is the only cause I can think of.


--I don't think that its a bad download because I had the same problem after around 10 downloads.


Thanks for the advice so far. Any more help?


The new Master Shake

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I've heard some people have had good luck in installing the game via CD. They can be ordered through spiderweb, but you run the risk of not trying the game out fully before you purchase it.


Still, definitely try updating you antivirus program. It's unlikely that that is the cause, but still, it doesn't hurt.

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My update of my problem and plea for more help:


I tried the last suggestion by wizard, and clicked on the Averdemo icon over and over. One time I did get a message that there was a problem with the following file:




I searched for a file by this name in any folder, but it does not exist. Any ideas? I'd love to play avernum again, or geneforge.



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