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  1. Got to the Galactic Core forum. I'm sure they still have HTML enabled.
  2. Well, that explains it all. And he can teach romans druid spells. So there.
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Miriam: Romans should not be able to use Druidic skills. The whole reason for having two different storylines is that the two teams are completely different. If the Romans had this skill they would be at an obvious advantage. Did you even bother to read the beginning characters for the Romans? It says that on of them has picked up a few druidic skills. Probably a spy or something. Who knows? Only Jeff and the makers.
  4. Sorry. Guess I'm one to blame. So yell at me.
  5. Calculating on exile=10 min., maybe 20 min. for Nethergate, HM?
  6. I have no interests in downloading it, though. Well, maybe if I'm bored.
  7. Some Romans were good with Druidic skills, though.
  8. Told ya you could. I like doing that too! Except: <marquee direction=right scrollamount><marquee scrollamount>
  9. <strike>Look at the quote button of my post.
  10. All ya gotta do is type in the code though, so you must be able to use it on your computer.
  11. For you, probably cause you can't use it!
  12. You can get a discount on Boe and Nethergate CD's if you buy Avernum 3 or Geneforge. I don't know about any others.
  13. Quote: Originally posted by Schrodinger: Enough. Keep it in the playing with html topic, or I'll disable it. Frankly, I think the craft circle spells are probably the best, mainly because they can keep you alive in the land of the dead. Sorry...I'll stop...But it's so FUN!
  14. Quote: Originally posted by TEH F/AC[E: But as a Shaper, your duty is to cast spells.. Not ****ty <font size=50>CELTIC</font size=50> spells! Shaper Spells!
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