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3D Editor Bug

La paix

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Development on my scenario came to a screeching halt when the 3D Editor started acting up. Suddenly, for no readily apparent reason, custom terrains, floors, etc. cannot be placed. Nothing unusual happened at all. I simply opened it up to keep working, only to find that clicking on the icons yielded no result. They simply cannot be selected. I have the latest version, so that's not the problem. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. I am running Mac OS 10.4.11 on a G5.

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Well, it's only doing it for my scenario, but I'm sure that all the code is good. I've also not reloaded the scenario data when there's an error in the code, so I don't what I could have done.


Edit: I seem to recall this happening in my other, abandoned scenario. I believe that's why I abandoned it.

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That doesn't sound very good, as it suggests that your corruption of your scenario file might be the cause. Can the older, spiderweb version of the editor load the scenario properly? Also, can you enumerate more specifically which of the editor's features are affected? Is it just the floor, terrain, etc palettes, or do the tool buttons in the lower right also not work? What about dialog boxes, like the town details window?


Alternately, if you tire of running myriad tests for me, you could send me the scenario. (the .bas file and the scenario data file, along with any custom graphics, would be enough for me to test.) If, however, you prefer to keep your work private, we can hopefully diagnose this problem eventually by continuing as we have been.

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