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Gah!! (Where I bemoan my editor inexperience.)


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In which case, she can read this, the BoA Docs (chapters 2.1, 2.8 and 2.9), existing scripts in released scenarios, or she can ask for help.


Chances are, Jewels will be doing simple things like calling one-shot messages for most of the time - heck, I'd say the bulk of my coding is doing that, and I'm supposed to be an established scenario-author - so she'll probably not even need to use the timer code - making your point about BoA not being capable of doing it moot (and incorrect).


I say we just let her get on with her scenario - I for one have every faith in her.

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Wait... I'm not sure I understand... are you saying that BoA can't do everything BoE can?/sarcasm


Originally Posted By: Jewels
Thank you for your concern. Consider me informed. You may stop telling me now.

Really, I got it. While your responses have been encouraging me to actually work on my scenario, the broken record thing is getting old. Let's try something new, like, "Tell me what you did today, or I will punch you."


Today, I wrote dialogue for an hour. The beginning and the end of the story are all written. Now to just connect the dots.

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