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Some wrought iron fence + gate graphics


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Made some fence + gate graphics for my scenario The Wolf at the Door, and put them up on my site.






EDIT:*sigh* Today, is the day, I have started hating UBB. WHY can't it just show the graphic?! Right, want to see the graphic? Copy the link between the and to your browser url field and press enter, or go to my site (thralni.ermarian.net) and go to the graphics page. They'll soon be up also at the blades forge.

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I have found that the way to deal with these address problems is to click the link, you then get redirected back to the Spiderweb boards. But the address bar still shows the correct address, then hit Alt + D, this activates the address bar. Then hit enter.


Thralni's Fence


(Edit: it worked?! Why did it work? So I inserted the link to the graphic as a conventional url and it actually worked.)

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