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Geneforge 2

The Great Spirit

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The first thing you should do is punctuate your sentences so that those who would like to help you can easily read the problem that you are describing. After that, there are some options.


There are four major ways to contact Spiderweb: e-mail, phone, regular mail, and fax. All four are described in detail here . In any of these ways that you can, tell Spiderweb exactly what you just told us, and add the registration number of the demo you just downloaded and as much information as possible about how you registered the other version, name and address being the most critical.


If you're not sure about any of the information, tell them everything you know. ("I might have registered under my name, which is ____, but I also might have registered under my father's name, which is ____.")

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Given that the guy posting on the GF2 boards about the trainer he made hasn't been banned yet, I don't think you should worry.


Anyway, technically it's not hacking the game, it's just editing values in RAM.


Yeah, Jeff can't help get the trainer working, but he CAN give you an unmodified copy of GF2.

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