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  1. My thought is guardians because they seem to have the most skill points at the start of the game and are all-around good, as in the aren't bad at shaping, casting or hand-to-hand combat.
  2. Well I just press either alt+tab or the werid windows button+d. Well thats how I do it might be different for you but, just thought I would say something about it.
  3. Thanks but the drakon holding chamber doesn't have it I think I sold it I guess I just keep looking thanks anyway.
  4. I bought Geneforge 2 from realarcade but a trainer that I really like doesn't work for it, I tried sending a e-mail, but I don't know my internet service provider account so I can't do that, what should I do?
  5. Oh okay thanks for telling me I would have been yelled at before I discovered my error. So my bad and I will go.
  6. I got Geneforge 2 from realarcade but the trainer made by xixao won't work with that. I really enjoy the trainer but I don't want to buy the game again, what should I do?
  7. It has been my experience that 1 person is not everyone as for the learning disability no such, just that typing is not my strong point so keep off that front. Thank you Drakefyre for adding a cheat rather than accusing me of ;idiocy, mental disorders etc.
  8. okay finally you say what you're talking about!! as for the graemlins they convey my emtion. anyway this is about cheats not what "Everyone" thinks.
  9. Well the "Best path" depends on your point of view the game is actually a test of your personality mixed with the thrill of 9-1. But I think that the rising and takers are wrong(this is what this a bout is it not? opinions) and the shapers seem like control freaks a bit.
  10. Learn to type got it now what? I've been typing since as long as I can remember(wich is a long time) so you think I will take the advice of someone I don't even know??? Trust me if I did that I wouldn't exist.
  11. idiot? why? what have I done to deserve such a title? All i've tried to do is make life Interesting but if no wants any change from the monotony of life don't enter my topics and don't spoil it for people who might be intrested.
  12. My duty is ease the lives of those around me. Not quite but hey who gives anyway just thought I would try to help those too lazy too look them up themselves.
  13. I've found 2 of 3 and I know the last one is in the northwest corner of the map but where???
  14. do you mean make it up? this is blackmail. lol. But any way I could not understand very much of it so plz work your spelling. When I can understand it maybe i'll find more
  15. The servile is just sorta rogue but kill him and 5 coins whoopie!! but seriously leave him alone and he leaves you alone.
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