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microsoft XP OS

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I have been told that the games sold here are really great, but before I buy I would like to verify that I can play them on my computer. I see on the main game listing page that you indicate that they can be played on XP, but when I look up a particular game XP does not seem to be listed. Can I play these games on an XP OS?

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The good point about shareware (i.e. all games found here) is that you

can download and play them /before/ paying anything. (of course you

need to pay to get the full game, but you'll see that it works long before



Many games do not 'officially' support XP because microsoft says that XP

is not 'officially' compatible with certain older graphics and sound

systems. However in practice it works fine 99% of the time. And if it does

not, try checking microsoft.com for patches.

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Throw away your WinXP 'home editition' and install Proffessional one.

That will save lot of your 'psihealth'. And never buy anything with 'HOME' mark from MS.

"be sure to check from the Settings that Sounds are enabled".--rofl

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First of all : all music[and graph too] files IN main executable. And all of them *.wav. This means that it's VERY low chance that ALL music files corrupted.

This means, that there is your computer configuration problem.

Anyway on my WinXP Pro[ p2, 128 RAM, old sound, i740 video chipset] I've never ever have such problem.

Last note: there is almost impossible to answer to your question until no one have access to sourcecode. Only Jeff have, but he not too often look for his messageboard .



From Russia - with love. Or may be you wish to fight?

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LISTEN!!! ill start Avernum 3, ill get to the menu and ive got music and everything! ill start a new game and ill have no music at all... it doesn't matter wether i load a game or start a new one i just wont have any sounds past the point in which i started the game... and im re-downloading now...

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