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BoE Scenario Editor Error?


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Every time I try to open a custom scenario of mine, a prompt appears that says:


"BLADES caused a General Protection Fault in module BLSCENED.EXE at 0003:848F.


Choose close. Blades will close."


I don't know what went wrong. The last thing I did, I was typing some dialog for a character. Then I save. A few seconds passed after I saved, and I was about to load another town when that prompt interrupted me and crashed the program. Everytime I try to load my scenario, it crashes again. Please tell me I didn't lose all of that hard work! ;_;


What can I do to fix this?



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Originally written by *i:
I'm hoping that your file didn't somehow get corrupted during the save. It is rare, but indeed possible if things don't get written properly.
I'm gonna cry. ;_;
I am not sure what happened. I wasn't even messing with special nodes, just working on character dialog. I do not know what I could have possibly done in a dialog screen to mess anything up. It's like typing in MS Notepad, and then Windows crashes and the comp. explodes. >_>
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Originally written by Lazarus.:
If you want, you can send me the .bas file and I'll try to open it on my comp, and see if it's really corrupt.

m c l e o d 9 8 9 (at) yahoo (dot) com (take the spaces out of course)

Edit: Wait, this is BoE? Well the offer still stands, just include the code if there is one.
Thank you for the offer. I will send it right away! Wait, do yuo have Windows or Mac? I have Windows. @_@;
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I have windows, not that it matters.


And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it crashed on me as well. I'd say it's pretty much ruined.


Edit: Oddly enough, I can enter the scenario using hte BoE app without problems. Maybe something can be salvaged from it somehow-- at least you can get your old texts.

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Is it only the custom scenario that crashes the BoE Editor or is it any file at all? (Presumably if the scenario crashed on someone else’s computer then it is not just Syntax Error’s copy of Blscened.exe that is at fault.)


You could see if the fault is in a particular town by the following method:

create a new scenario with the same outdoors dimensions and town sizes, then import the towns from the old scenario to the new, which can only be done one at a time.


If the new scenario never crashes even after you have imported all the towns, the fault may be elsewhere in the exs file.


You could look at the file in the MS Dos Edit command and see if anything was wrong with the dialog concerned, like more than the allowed number of characters.


Now if the scenario is basically sound, if it has not been corrupted by a virus, a lot of it can be recovered for re – use. If worst comes to worst: text recovery for scenario text, town text, dialog text and outdoor text can be done this way. The scenario can be opened in Microsoft Word by choosing “Recover Text from Any File(*.*)” in the “Files of type: ” field. This will enable a lot of the text to be recovered and then pasted into the relevant parts of the new scenario, by using the Editor dialog boxes.


(Here I am guessing that the error is found in the town part of the scenario.) If you can pinpoint exactly where the error occurred and if you can’t fix it: skillful use of the MS Dos Edit command may enable you to copy everything that occurs before the error from the old scenario to the new in one hit. For the format is that first in the file comes the scenario part, then the listings for each outdoor section then finally the listings for each town.

(Edit, wretched password may foul this totally, as I understand it: its bits are found all through the exs file!)


If you make a new scenario with exactly the same number of outdoor sections and the same number of towns, each of the same size, check if the towns all start on the same lines. You can send me a copy at the address listed in my profile.

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Well you guys, thank you for all of your help... I gave it my best shot, but I am going to have to just redo this entirely from scratch. I think it did corrupt from nothing, to tell you the truth.


ARGGH!! *bang head against wall mad


I've had to open the corrupt scenario as a notepad file to salvage some of the text... this time, I am going to copy and paste a back up file! >_>

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