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  1. Hiya! I am having a bit of trouble getting a custom talking graphic to work correctly, and would appreciate some assistance. Please bear w/ me, b/c I am a complete newb w/ custom graphics. u_u; I have gotten everything except for my talking graphic to work correctly: terrain, monsters, animated terrain. This is the talking graphic I am using (zoomed in): When I test the scenario to verify the graphics are working correctly, that same talking graphic shows up like this (also zoomed in): This is what I am entering into the BoE editor: I did notice, however, that when I return to that same monster, the graphic number changes to this: Yeah, I added the "MOCKERY!" in there when I was getting frustrated... is it normal for the program to automatically change the talking pic number like that? No matter what 1000+ number I enter, it always reverts to 240, 242, some random 240 number. It's mocking me! Please help! =(
  2. I still play, but haven't released any scenarios of my own... some of the scenarios I've played from others were kinda sucky, imo, and there are a few that were great. I was working on my own scen., but it corrupted completely, my monitor melted into a synthesized goo, my computer exploded, and my cat caught on fire. Heh, I'm exaggerating... but after all that work, it sure felt like it >_>
  3. Well you guys, thank you for all of your help... I gave it my best shot, but I am going to have to just redo this entirely from scratch. I think it did corrupt from nothing, to tell you the truth. ARGGH!! *bang head against wall I've had to open the corrupt scenario as a notepad file to salvage some of the text... this time, I am going to copy and paste a back up file! >_>
  4. Quote: Originally written by Lazarus.: If you want, you can send me the .bas file and I'll try to open it on my comp, and see if it's really corrupt. m c l e o d 9 8 9 (at) yahoo (dot) com (take the spaces out of course) Edit: Wait, this is BoE? Well the offer still stands, just include the code if there is one. Thank you for the offer. I will send it right away! Wait, do yuo have Windows or Mac? I have Windows. @_@;
  5. Quote: Originally written by *i: I'm hoping that your file didn't somehow get corrupted during the save. It is rare, but indeed possible if things don't get written properly. I'm gonna cry. ;_; I am not sure what happened. I wasn't even messing with special nodes, just working on character dialog. I do not know what I could have possibly done in a dialog screen to mess anything up. It's like typing in MS Notepad, and then Windows crashes and the comp. explodes. >_>
  6. How many PC's do you play with? 4 - 5 How many scenarios have you played? 6 (haven't been out much!) Absolute favorite BoE scenario? A Small Rebellion When did you get the registered version of BoE for the first time? Holy cow. I think it was 7 years ago! What is the first third-party scenario you played? The Valley of Dying Things, of course! Favorite all-around scenario designer? Mr. Jeff Vogel Out of your own scenarios, which do you feel is your best? None of them. They keep having errors and messing up ;_; What is your favorite scenario icon? If you could make one BoE scenario into a movie, which scenario would it be? I am not sure, but A Mild Rebellion would make a nice action movie. What is your favorite spell? FIRESTORM! BAHAHAHAHHAA! XD What is your favorite item of all time? (It doesn't matter how many scenarios have the item in it. Can be one, can be all.) I don't remember, but it pwned. Totally pwned. Have you ever named a place or character in a scenario after someone you know in real life? Yes: my cat Hunter! What do you think is the absolute most overrated BoE scenario of all time? Dunno! What do you think is the absolute most underrated BoE scenario of all time? Not sure! o_O If you could fix one bug in BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? The one that\'s giving me hell right now >_> If you could add one new feature to BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? More streamlined special node editors, a little like RPGMaker 2k6. What is your least favorite scenario out of those rated 7.0 or higher on CSR? I dunno! =D Which scenario do you think is the worst ever? There's lots of horribles, but only one can be the absolute worst. Za Khazi Run >_< Write down the release dates of all of your scenarios. If you can't remember all of them, do the ones that you can. Never released any. I basically played the 3 scenarios, started a bunch of custom ones, and never finished them. The one I am working on is simple, and I have a solid plan for it, but I got bombed by an error ;_; What is your favorite TM scenario? Huh? What is your favorite Creator scenario? Eh??? What is your favorite scenario in the Spheres trilogy? Wah???? What is your favorite scenario in the Adventurer's Club trilogy? Meh????? o_O;; What do you think is the absolute coolest innovation in a BoE scenario yet? I have yet to explore all the customs out there! What is your favorite BoE fansite? Have yet to visit any! What do you think would happen if Alcritas returned to the Lyceum as an active member once more? Who? What scenario do you think should have won the first design contest? ;_; I dunno... Name one random scenario that has not been mentioned by anyone in this thread (first that comes in your head.) Asuipthpnerunh. If TM returned, and he and Kel continued to argue, do you think that should continue, or do you think they just have to duke it out? Wha???[/QB] Omfg. I suck. u_u;;;
  7. Every time I try to open a custom scenario of mine, a prompt appears that says: "BLADES caused a General Protection Fault in module BLSCENED.EXE at 0003:848F. Choose close. Blades will close." I don't know what went wrong. The last thing I did, I was typing some dialog for a character. Then I save. A few seconds passed after I saved, and I was about to load another town when that prompt interrupted me and crashed the program. Everytime I try to load my scenario, it crashes again. Please tell me I didn't lose all of that hard work! ;_; What can I do to fix this?
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