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Dialogue Problems


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This post is not so much centred on problems with dialogue itself, but on how to create several different dialogues in the same town for multiple characters.


I have already given all talking npcs their own personality and used personality = x; on each dialogue node, so then why does it start with node 1 for every character, even their personality number does not correspond?


EDIT: Never mind, I just forgot to assign the node numbers to the memory cells.

Moderators, delete this topic at will.

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By Thuryl:

Just so you know, the "personality" field doesn't actually seem to do anything at all. As near as we can tell, it only exists to help the designer keep track of who each dialogue node belongs to.
Hmmm... this got me thinking. I haven't looked into it, but maybe you could use it to make everyone in a certain range of personalities become hostile, or some other effect. All you would need is some call to check personalities, if one exists.



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