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Code Help Please


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For the add_char_to_party call I get a bad term in expression on line 78.


For the place_monster call I also get a bad term in expression on line 83.


Ideas? The syntax matches my BoA Appendix.


	if ( is_combat() == FALSE && has4_left == TRUE && npc4_type == creature_type(86) && npc4_name == npc4_name_check) {		add_char_to_party(86);		//Set dummy placeholder for NPC 4		//Creature Type 0 should be invisible.  Be careful to not accidently kill it outside of combat using a mass-kill.		//IMPORTANT!  Replace ?,? with the x,y coordinates of a location the party cannot walk.		place_monster(0,0,1,1);  //Creature 86		set_attitude(86,4);		set_mobility(86,0);	}
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