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Having a problem installing GF4

Teh Ubar Pie

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While installing GF4, I get the following error:


Error 2238.Database: . Missing FROM clause in SQL query: Select`Component`, `Directory_`, `RuntimeFlags[] FROM `Component` WHERE (`Component`.`ActionRequest` = 1 AND (`Component`.`Installed` = 0 OR `Component` I...


Anyone have a clue what all of that means/how to fix it?


Running Windoze XP.

Computer is a crappy dell with a screwy hard drive.



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What exactly are the problems with your computer?




If your computer is so crappy, maybe you should either cut down on the ram used or get a new one.

The latter seems like a better option to me.


Other than that, I can't help you.

I have a windows xp and G4 installed fine on mine...and that error doesn't look like any I have seen.

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Well, I'm definitely not an expert in this, but since hardly anyone has answered you ...

So, what you did was as follows - you downloaded a game from spiderweb's homepage and then you doubleclicked the file and you got the errors right away? Or is there something else that could be of importance?

Did you perhaps download a mac version by mistake?

Try downloading again or email to Jeff, he should have more experience with this.


Ps: If your computer is guilty, try fixing the problem (virus, spyware, registry problems etc.) or formatting the hard drive (this will erase all data - in case you wouldn't know).

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