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BoA Editor Cookbook -- what do you want?

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Hi guys,


I'm planning to start work on a new version of the BoA Editor Cookbook. If anyone has any suggestions for new "recipes" which they'd like to see added to the cookbook, please let me know. I'm sure I've missed lots of common tasks which people want to do with the BoA editor, so now is the time to put in your requests. I can't guarantee to put in everything that you ask for, but I'm very open to suggestions and ideas...


Oh, I'm currently changing the URL used to access the cookbook. Instead of just having it available as a PDF file, I'm now making it available in PDF and MS Word format, as well as having it available online as an HTML page. Hopefully that'll keep everyone happy.


The latest copy of the cookbook (in all three formats, and with the corrections people have pointed out so far) is now available at:




This will be the "official" home of the BoA Editor Cookbook from now on.




- Erik.

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Okay- This is really basic but here is a question that arose when I first began fiddling with the editor and trying to create landscapes: height is not really explained very well in the docs. They say in more than one place how to change heights but nowhere is there a simple explanation for what the numbers mean. i.e.: is each digit up or down equal to man height? Also, it took some experimenting to realize that the best way to paint a hill is to leave the "hill" terrain at level (9) and then increase the upper part of the hill by one increment at a time. And, apparently 9 is level. And outdoor stairs leading down to a dungeon have to be set at a decreased height- this isn't automatic.


I've since figured this stuff out by experimenting but there is no reason for this not to be explained somewhere. I know there is an auto feature for hills but it would be best to simply explain to people how to do this themselves first.


Sorry if this is too basic.

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Well, Erik, I've downloaded your cookbook and was very impressed by it. You do a fine job of explaining many of the editor's features in a way that is comprehensible to those of us less technically minded than we would like!


I especially liked the Defalt Terrain Graphics in the Appendix that shows what the editor's graphics look like in the end result. I've found that immensely helpful.


My requests aren't so much recipes as additional things you could put in this appendix section, so they could be easily consulted.


1. Limitations — a list of the maximum number of stains per town, characters per town, preset/special outdoor encounters, and so on. (Jeff seems to use the phrase "at most" in the docs pretty consistently when discussing maximums, so you can go through the PDFs searching for that phrase. That should save a fair bit of time.)


2. Memory Cells — A list of what all the memory cells do for doors, creatures, traps, terrain scripts, etc. It would be very handy to have all this information in a single easliy-consulted section, as it is difficult to find this info quickly in the the docs that came with the editor.


Just some ideas!


Looking forward to your updated cookbook to see what other yummy recipes you have...

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