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  1. I too encountered this "bug" when I finished the demo, but assumed it was designed that way. After all, it's rather difficulty to play in a big black void with a few objects hovering around, so it made the rest of the game unplayable for me anyway.
  2. Geneforge 4 will be told from the point of view of a front-line fyora. It'll be a very short game, lasting about ten minutes, and you won't be able to move yourself around since you'll be controlled by the Shaper who created you. Geneforge 5 will pick up the story where 4 left off. You get to be a Thahd this time.
  3. Sorry about the confusion. I re-read Frank Herbert's science fiction novel Whipping Star last week. It features an alien called a Caleban who has great difficulty communicating using language because its perspective on reality is far different than ours, and has trouble with verb tenses since it sees every point in time simultaneously. I meant no offense by my jest — it's just that "verb lie at present continuous" sounds exactly like the way the Caleban talked when trying to explain things. Oh, and it had two names: Fanny Mae, and Thyone. Fanny Mae was a sort of nickname, whil
  4. Seeing how badly Geneforge 3 cheapened its predecessors by rehashing everything, I think a Nethergate 2 would be a disaster. I read the other thread about improving Nethergate to run in OS X and so on, and hope that's the extent of Jeff's future Nethergaterian ambitions.
  5. Quote: Originally written by MagmaDragoon: I'm not lying (verb lie at present continous, I hope)!!! You talk like a Caleban. Should I call you Thyone, or will Fanny Mae suffice?
  6. The whole episode with the Dark Wyrms in A3 gave me nightmares. Whenever playing A3 now, that place still seriously freaks me out.
  7. That's where holding down TAB comes in handy: it shows you the names of everything around you. Probably the nicest thing about this feature it that you don't have to look individually at every object/creature.
  8. Me too, Arsenic. And before opening doors or talking to characters.
  9. Talking about elevation: I think Jeff should incorprate a shifting-view feature similar to that in Stronghold; i.e., the graphics are the same, only the arrangment of them on the screen changes in relation to each other. Granted, there were some graphics in Stronghold that did look different from different angles, but the majority of them were exactly the same despite the angle. Hence, no huge number of alternate graphics for any item, person, or terrain.
  10. Whoo-hoo! Huzzah! Yippee-skippee! < Icshi then disappears for the next month >
  11. EDIT; Duh, never mind. < Smacks self upside head >
  12. I never cared much for the Geneforge editors, since you have to tinker with the source files. One of the funnest times I had was playing through Nethergate with an all-woman party whom I'd cranked up to godlike powers using the character editor. Kinda kinky, but quite a lot of fun. I also did Avernum 3 with a single super-powerful Nephil swordsman/archer/priest/mage who could hack or burn anything in its path. I made it thorugh the entire game in a matter of days. Very invigorating, and relieves a lot of stress.
  13. When Geneforge 3 came out, it was the same situation: somebody reported on the file being available for download from the FTP site before the official announcement. I'd rather have waited for an official announcement, quite frankly. Makes it a more of a grand occasion rather than an "underhanded" one. I think I'll follow *i's adivce and download it when it's really done.
  14. I think it's a bit premature to heft out the karmacinerator guns. He's only made 4 posts for crying out loud, and apart from the confusssing "SSS" busssinessssss he seems an alright guy.
  15. This kind of behavior is, sadly, nothing out of the ordinary. Certain individuals, whose names I need not mention , became emotionally unstable during the week before the release of Geneforge 3 and exhibited very similar violent tendencies towards themselves (and reality in general). We — uh, I mean, they — also became extremely silly. This condition is termed anticipatory withdrawl, and is defined as being suddenly addicted to and then deprived of a substance which has yet to be introduced to the nervous system. EDIT: I'm not typing very well today. I wonder why…
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